Lets Play New York Mysteries Secrets Of The Mafia CE Full Walkthrough LongPlay HD HiddenObjectGames - jumpgamestudio.com

Lets Play New York Mysteries Secrets Of The Mafia CE Full Walkthrough LongPlay HD HiddenObjectGames

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Lets Play New York Mysteries Secrets Of The Mafia CE Full Walkthrough LongPlay HD | The Hidden Object Games


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Welcome to New York Mysteries Secrets Of The Mafia CE Full Walkthrough LongPlay HD The Hidden Object Games

New York, 1955. It has become dangerous in the city. The mafia is trying to seize power. But recently a new force appeared. A far more terrible force. Over the last few days, five mafia bosses have vanished in mysterious circumstances. A odd liquid and a butterfly were found at the scenes of the disappearances. But this isn’t what scared the citizens. Children begin to disappear in the city. All of them drew exactly the same butterflies before they vanished. This enforced detectives and journalists alike to start their investigations.

New York Mysteries Game Series:

New York Mysteries 1 Secrets of the Mafia:
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  1. the fish was the most difficult and here I found the simplest tip registered now! thanks for the tip. from brazil

  2. Thanks for posting the video, great job, it helped me a lot, thanks again! 🇧🇷

  3. Hi your videos help me a lot but how did you get that passport off the report in the office? It's not coming off for me

  4. Anybody Please Give Me The Bulbs Location I Can't Find the Last One

  5. How you know the right color for the drawing @ 40:06 …thanks in advance…

  6. Just Had To Say Thank You, I’ve Never Would Have Made It Through The Game Without Your Help! ❤️

  7. Hey I figured out how to get the ID photo off the file envelope, (it’s a little weird to have an issue with it but oh well..) go to the scene with the food truck bust the fire hydrant, (little nub on the right side) then go to the ID card on the bench, (and due to wet fingers you can peel off the photo of the girl…) idk how but it worked for me..! Now go back to the file folder and rip the picture of the investigator, (you do need the glue, in the compartment that needs a handle on the food truck… Good luck!

  8. I like, imagination to Eliot Ness, in year 1955 live

  9. How comes on the switch there isn’t as much inventory space? Am I missing something?

  10. Your video is amazing. You go at the perfect speed for people to follow along. I was wondering if you could help me with a problem? The scene near the ladder and mailbox where you have to put the handle on the inside of the car door, my handle won’t move at all so I can’t get the paper to make the window roll up. I looked all over for assistance and can’t seem to find any except for where I would post a rating. Do you or anyone who posted here know what I should do? Thanks.

  11. I can’t find all the paper pieces for the map in the lift!! Help!!!

  12. Hi can anyone please tell me how to remove the paint of the windowsill to reveal the green puzzle clue for the last rune please 🙏 🙂

  13. I can't seem to seperate a fish from the row , on the 6 fish puzzle.. android Samsung phone.

  14. I can't seem to get her photograph off at 01:02:10 tapping on it doesn't do anything, it takes me back to the room scene/area. Am I missing something?

    Edit: nvm I got it, you gotta remove the other woman's picture before you take the detective's.

  15. I'm stuck. I can't figure out where I missed taking the detective's photo in order to put it on the ID at 1:02. Where did I miss it?

  16. Огромное спасибо за рыбку.

  17. Hey i cannot put the wire inside big boat moment 28.20. When i press to missing wire pic the menu to choose wire is not appear🤔 can u help wit this bug

  18. Thanks….finally I get the trick to solve that fish

  19. How did you know about the colored light bulb ?

  20. Muchas gracias y muy buen videos me ayudaste a pasar la cosita de los peces 💕

  21. Great video guy! TYSM! I just have a problem 😭 I can’t got the Laura James picture on the on the typewriter and already closed and opened the game a thousand times and don’t know why I can’t got it kkkkk can u help me plssss? 🥺😭

  22. Il gioco è coinvolgente l'aiuto gratis dovrebbe essere più facile

  23. O peixe é difícil. Obrigado pela dica. From Brazil

  24. Where did you find the giza figurine I can't find it

  25. I went through places I didn't know, thank you

  26. I never played something like this, only Horror escape games, but I'll check all of them out, because I really like this one.
    Very groovy 🪓🍀👍🏻

  27. How did you know the combination of the lights at 39:50?
    I stuck there, but thanks to you, I can move on 😀👍🏻🍀

  28. Its not letting me get laura's photo to go into the uni 🙁
    Time stamp 1:02:10

  29. Não consigo retirar a foto da indentidade pra colar na outra

  30. Stuck on 55:09..put in the same word as you..but nothing happened unfortunately. Plz help

  31. Still need to find the phantom objects… and all 36 collectibles.

  32. أحب هذه اللعبة كثيرا..
    شكرا لك عزيزي 💗

  33. That tetris in the subway wall has a milion combinations it is almost impossible without knowing …

  34. Where did you find the second piece of the map

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