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Let’s Play – The Curse of the Werewolves – Full Walkthrough

V.O.R. Bros
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Travel to a family manor and lift the mysterious Curse of the Werewolves in this blood-chilling and enthralling Hidden Object Adventure! Delve into the dark story of Ashley, after she receives a mysterious postcard from her grandma. Your journey will take you through the dusty rooms of an old mansion, misty moonlit forests, the rocky cliffs of the ocean shore and the echoing depths of the ancient passageways. Can you help unravel this dark mystery?

Intro/Outro: RaminDigital

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  1. clears my throat V.O.R. Bros my 28 year old adult werewolf pack leader/sonic name is W.majestic A.white C.howler/W- Blonic A- the March- hedgehog and also i have adult werewolf autism

  2. I used to play this game a lot when I was younger, it was really fun. I wish they didn’t put away their games after it’s been out awhile 🫤


  4. Iam watching these types of videos to try to find the game of my childhood.I remember the game had the final boss an old man that was a green phantom i think?Idk that was a long time ago but still. And i remember that one of the missions was to heal a man a man i his i think like 20s-30s and he was sitting in a chair. Thats all i remember.

  5. that game was amazing and intriguing but the ending was quite disappointing, plus they even just stole two famous fanarts for the werewolf and it was a shame

  6. Nice job man good quality this needs more views!
    Also there is a second part, after you give the potion to the grandma is another part

    Edit: Never mind I just realized there is another video😂👍

  7. Yeah but how do u get the bonus. I can't get it on my pc

  8. 0:54 there's a wolf on the photo when the lightning casts a shadow over it.

  9. Thank you.
    Also nice intro
    A very calm and peaceful ending

  10. I used to play this game a lot when I was younger, I never unlocked the ending because I could only play the trial version, thank you for showing the full gameplay

  11. Where can I download this game for free and full version?

  12. I think someone is lying. What about the dead man just before the lighthouse? Hmmmm.

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