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Light Objects: Hidden Object

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Seeker, start to discover a new world, search for items, relax and enjoy!

Light Hidden Object is a new free mobile game in the hidden object genre with responsive gameplay and stunning content for all ages. Explore exciting scenes, seek out hidden objects, and challenge your observation skills like never before!

With multiple categories and levels varying in difficulty and number of items to find, our puzzle game promises an entertaining and challenging experience. Colorful realistic images will attract you from the first sight! Each level is a unique location that will surprise you with its beauty. Wanna save your time and effort for a full dive into the game? Just play with our “walk through” mode and relax.

Get ready to put your observation skills to the test and embark on an exciting adventure full of hidden treasures to uncover! Light Hidden Object game trains the brain and improves memory. You can join our players team from all over the world!

Amazing features we have:

🌟Stunning Realistic Graphics: From the moment you start your journey, you’ll be mesmerized by colorful and realistic images, drawing you into the world of hidden objects
🌟Multiple Categories: so you will not get bored with monotonous scenes!
🌟Additional Challenges: with categories “silhouettes” and “1 for 1” you will sharpen your search skills
🌟Beat The Clock: you can challenge yourself and play some levels with a timer mode⏱️
🌟Save Your Time: don’t want to waste time scrolling through the gallery? You can play with our “walk through” mode, where all levels go one by one.

If you are looking for a diverse journey, there are some categories for you. Wanna relax from the noisy city? Have a trip to the countryside via our “nature” category. Or, conversely, visit some different attractions via our “places”. “Twilight” category has a special atmosphere of mystery, that makes you feel like a real detective 🔎

Hidden object puzzles will be enjoyed by fans of casual hidden object games. Start solving brainteasers in the amazing world of location diversity!

Our team has worked hard to make unforgettable gaming experience, so you can free download now and start seeking, discovering, and conquering the worlds of Light Hidden Object!

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