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Mindframe: The Secret Design – Hidden Object Game

Gab Smolders
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  1. I wanna play street fighter 5 with you gab jajaja

  2. Oh hey, I have the same last name as him!

  3. 😲 I love these types of games! It's been so long since I've played one. I will have to check this out for myself, I love it!

  4. I think I'll only watch streams of this…I'm sitting here screaming what to do lol

  5. Great video, I love the games you play on

  6. Hello that video is first video i sew from u it is so cool i love yours videos 😀

  7. The villain looks like he's got a Pepe the Frog pin somewhere.

  8. Hello Gab! Which books do you recommend to have a solid Japanese language? (Considering someone who doesn't know anything hahaha)

  9. i don't know why i feel the need to mention this but your dimples are the most adorable thing 🥺

  10. It's a cup of coffee


  11. I almost picked up this game. But I decided to play the Maze series. Playing the second one now 🙂 I also have to catch up with the Lost Lands series. One of my favorites.

  12. Gab: Oh Pretzels ~~ I want pretzels now ~~
    Me: Feasting on a bag of chocolate pretzels…and smirking at the screen >0<

  13. bowling Ball in a can…..Hidden object logic….

  14. One side Screaming Potato
    Other side Calm Cute Girl

    So cool to watch both!!

  15. This gameplay is so chill, exactly what I needed today, thank you!!

  16. I absolutely loved it! And now I'm binging your other HOG videos. Can't wait for more!

  17. This is random, but, have you ever played Rule of Rose? Great story, odd gameplay though lol but. I just, would love see how you react and hear what you think of it.

  18. The picture of the microscope bottom right

  19. If you haven't already, maybe try playing Safecracker, it's an older adventure style puzzle game. I think you might like it.

  20. Someone in chat: "The cap is next to the compass."

    Me: "You mean the fob watch?"

  21. This is such a nice relaxing thing to watch compared to the usual games u play lol, and it certainly helps that ur good at playing it ;3

  22. Just like basically everyone else in the world I've been super stressed lately, but Gab has the best chill energy about her. It's nice just to watch, relax and forget how shitty everything is right now even for a little bit.

  23. Oh wow Gab playing a HOG is definitely my ultimate relaxation time. Thoroughly enjoyed this one. 😊 Also, I cant say I’ve ever seen someone knock someone out with a bowling pin before, that was amazing 😂🎳

  24. Thanks so much for the birthday wish! It made my day! Just so you know I had homemade velvet cheesecake! 😀

  25. I'm glad you uploaded this to YouTube. I haven't been able to catch your streams due to my depression keeping me up until 3 am. Even though I missed them your videos make me smile and help me through my illness. Thank you and keep up the good work. <3

  26. A few minutes in and I'm already blown away. I didn't know a hidden object game could be like this… wow.

  27. "T.p. for my bunghole." I instantly clicked like.

  28. During the hidden object scene in the boathouse I was just shouting "morphing lemon slice, front and centre!" over and over XP

  29. There's a gorgeous HOPA game called Nearwood. The bonus chapter is short but the main game is great. The graphics are gorgeous. It's a 7 years old game but one of the best I've ever played. I picked it up a couple days ago.

  30. lol you missed a great pun, he mentioned the saying when there's a "will" there's a way..

  31. He won't be spending that long at Riker's. The game came out earlier this year, and they're planning to close Riker's by 2026…

  32. You forgot about 2 morphing object on Hidden Object minigames.

  33. Itd be cool if games like these would incorporate something for the people like you who stream it and let chat look too.

  34. 48:20 was that a certain… (SPOILERS TO SOMETHING UNRELATED TO THE GAME) horror novel/movie reference? 😉 Loved it!!!!!!

  35. Hidden object games are my new passion. This is the 5th game playthrough of yours I'm watching and I really enjoy it. Maybe I'll got the chance to see one hog playthrough live on twitch.

  36. I love watching these, an playing HOGs. About a year before my mum passed away, I bought her an iPad, and she loved playing this type of game, I’d end up playing the same one on mine and we’d end every helping each other

  37. SUCH A GREAT CONCEPT shame the villain is revealed early on 💔

  38. I've ended up binge watching your HOG playlist

  39. 26:16 "You're wearing the same clothes…maybe it's him?"
    Gab, are you sure you're not the protagonist with the psychic abilities yourself?? xDDD Or at least you have a really good eye for details lol

  40. I have really come obsessed with these search and find games

  41. I always love how these games make you use an Item once and then just toss it and like two steps later need that same type of item again……

  42. Those meds he took gave him mind reading powers which is both amazing awesome power anyone would want to have

  43. 59:13 – The newspaper under the door to get the key trick dates all the way back to text adventures in the early 1980s. That cliche has been around for 40 years!

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