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Mindframe: The Secret Design – Hidden Object Game

Gab Smolders
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  1. “I need to get into the train station”Picks up a brick“Man. There’s gotta be something around here to get me through these glass doors…”

  2. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😅😅😅😅😅😅😒😒

  3. 1:21:13 Hit him harder? Tie him up? Call someone in? Like hello, there are so many other options

  4. 26:15 Not him wearing the same exact clothes to play the victim 🤣

  5. I chuckled when she wondered if punching someone would get them arrested. My dude got assaulted and harassed. If both of them were in bar and they were 'settling this like men,' it would have been assault but not harassment, as punches are a logical consequence to that 'invitation'. Depending on how the law views truck drivers, this could also be called abuse. For example, Dutch bus drivers are a vulnerable population because they come into contact with many individuals and are literally in a vulnerable position (they cannot leave, many buses have a small door up to thigh length which has to be opened first, if a person blocks the door, they are trapped) Sexual abuse can be harassment and/ assault as well, but it's never only harassment or assault without being sexual abuse.

  6. I know this probably will get lost in the wave of comments but I just want to say how much I appreciate these videos. I'm in uni and with all the stress of the panini and studies my anxiety has been through the roof. Watching these videos (even though they have murder and all that jazz) is so relaxing and the positivity Evelien emits always just manages to calm me. So thank you Evelien, for everything you've done not only for me but for everyone who comes to these streams for a relaxing, fun time. Sending lots of love to you and Seán during the spooky season!

  7. There are so many accidental innuendos in this game 😳😳

  8. 6 commentttt yassss I love your video's ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Evelien: Good lookin dude

    Jack: What about me

  10. finally more hidden object game. still the best ever !

  11. first comment please answer me i love your videos so nice i like horror games please play resident evil 7 and 2 and 3 so nice my name is fred iam from libya 🇱🇾

  12. Hi Evelyn love your videos and I'm loving your FFII Series

  13. I have this game too but i don't know it was so cool thank you Evelien

  14. Dropping everything I was intending to watch this evening because Gab posted-up a big ol' HOG.. :3
    Will is obviously a member of the Psijic Order.
    EDIT: 50:00 That's certainly a high quality arm strap.

  15. I enjoyed this stream so much! Brain has been fried by stress lately so something chilled was perfect <3

  16. You know, yesterday while i was watching your portal 2 playthrough with Sean, I said to myself "I wish Ev would upload a new hidden object game soon". Lo and behold, here we are.

  17. Oh this is really enjoyable to watch, would love if you'd do more of games like this!

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