Ms. Holmes: Five Orange Pips - Hidden Object Game -

Ms. Holmes: Five Orange Pips – Hidden Object Game

Gab Smolders
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  1. Don't understand why jane was doing this…thought her grandfather liked Holmes?

  2. Why don't you have any videos of you playing piano on yt? I'd like to watch that since I've seen you play a bit on instagram and twitter

  3. These hidden object games along with Gab's commentary is chill vibes.

  4. Watching this with hot tea. 🙂 Most relaxing evening

  5. GOD, just as I was rewatching Sherlock Holmes, LOVEIT💖

  6. I've never seen Dundee put in a game like this. Am proud

  7. I left this vid as a reward for finishing some yard work today and it was the perfect way to chill 👍✨ This was a good one, I thought it was funny imagining Jane standing there at the end while you solve the dots and gesture puzzles 🙂

  8. Kind of an older game that might be hard to find and play (I think they made it not easily runable on PCs past like 2011) but Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove would be a great game to play!

    It's kind of a horror/supernatural game mixed with the hidden object type gameplay! One of my favorite games growing up and super spooky too! Definitely recommend if you can find a playable copy!

  9. Would have loved to know what Jane's problem was. What did Holmes do for her to want revenge? Or did I somehow miss it?

  10. I dunno about that fridge, a cupcake right next to a cooked chicken?

  11. SH~ Shit Head.
    Shitty Holmes. Is that an Oxymoron?
    Great game & Gameplay.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. The sound the game makes when you click on something, but it isn't the correct course of action, triggers my fight or flight response. It's the same sound as the FNAF door sounds when you can't close the door in FNAF1.

  13. My mother and I used to play hidden object games together when I was a kid, watching you play with chat makes me feel so warm and cozy, even though I know my mother would hate most of these lmao. Love the HOG content so much

  14. Have you played the Dark Parables series? It's not a horror theme per se, but kinda a dark twist of classic fairytales.

  15. What a weird reality this game creates, I need a toy car & airplane to open my briefcase.

  16. My favorite hidden object series is Dark Parables by Eipix and Blue Tea

  17. Is it just me that screams "YOU HAVE PORTHOLE"?
    No? Okay

  18. bro some things i was like GURL ITS SO OBVIOUS but then she'd do things and i'd be like damn she hella smart I would've never thought of that 😗😮

  19. Man, the way the voice actors are stressing the phrase "orange pips" is so weird. They keep saying it like "orange *pips", like the pips are orange, rather than "*orange pips", i.e pips from an orange.

  20. Nice work Gab on this one, you should try a game called the talos principle it has a lot of puzzles and some in-depth story to it. I still have not better it after a while.

  21. Hi Gab, you should try and play "The room" ! It's a puzzle game I found on switch, it's really nice ! Quite simple but the puzzle are really great ! Love all of your playthrough ❤️❤️

  22. If I remember correctly, Sherlock and Mycroft had a sister…don't remember her name though

  23. I am currently going through and watching basically all of your Hidden Object Games while painting and I swear, it's the most therapeutic thing.

  24. Literally use all these hog playthroughs to help me sleep cuz they're so chill

  25. Hi Gab, I love your HOG videos. I'm just not sure where to find the playlist on your YT channel.

  26. 46:55
    Watson: Those criminals punctured me tire.
    Gab: Why is his voice so weird?
    Because he talks as though he has a Cockney accent but he speaks with an American accent.

  27. Watching these on YouTube, I’m finding my self shouting at the iPad, good job I live alone, though my dog looks at me as if I’ve gone crazy

  28. I really enjoy watching your hidden object game streams/vods! I had this one on to keep my company while I did work from home, thanks 🙂 I'm starting to consider going on Steam and playing a few on my own.

  29. What are the morphing objects for? They are in A LOT of HOGs

  30. Wow Watson took getting shot VERY well. It would make his ancester proud

  31. "Oscar is looking worse….better find my morphing object and puzzle pieces first" xD

  32. 1:43:12 – That object, the carabiner, is pronounced care-a-BEAN-er. They're used in rope work, like rock climbing and repelling. Judging from this game, they're used in sailing, too, though I don't know much about that. I live in a desert.

  33. We successfully disposed of the body! Case closed.

  34. wow he's pretty calm for someone being poisoned

  35. I am an hour in and I am convinced that Oscar will either end up Working For The Bad Guys All Along or will end up dating Scarlett.
    btw I love these long and chill videos thank you for doing them

  36. I can't tell if she has a memory problem or learning disability or is just plain stupid. :/

  37. Your HOG streams are so chill and are a great way to relax and have fun. Thanks Gab

  38. So policemen's daughter went bad, got it.

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