Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst (Hidden Object Game) -

Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst (Hidden Object Game)

Gab Smolders
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  1. As a huge fan of the MCF series as a kid, this was by far my favorite game, despite the rather disturbing stuff in it. The series kinda got same-y and dull when Eipix got involved (which i call the Eipix era), so its great to see the old games get their recognition

  2. This game is better appreciated by playing the first two. The original Ravenhearst is still playable on modern systems (unlike Dire Grove smh) and is very puzzle heavy with more cluttered hob scenes. The second one Return to Ravenhearst is a favourite of mine, and explores the world Charles created. Definitely worth a look and a play 😊

  3. lol I sneezed twice RIGHT before she sneezed twice. So highly amused by that.

  4. I hope that Evelien plays one of the fairytale HOG series someday. Living Legends was a favorite of mine when I started playing the genre but there are several from Big Fish.

  5. I can remember being at school or even at work as a teenager and getting this warm, fuzzy feeling whenever I’d remember this game was waiting for me at home. My favorite!

  6. Did you ever play the first Ravenhearst game?

  7. hey gab, the order you play the ravenhearst games doesnt matter, but if you would like to know, this one is the third in the 5 game ravenhearst saga, there is also the first one (not all that great in my personal opinion) then there is return

  8. 1:10:30 …I stepped away for a moment and when i come back this was on my screen! lol I was like whaaat?!

  9. That opening scene that Charles damalr

  10. It's a creepy and tough game for a hidden object game but I like it!

  11. Dennis Kleinsmith as Charles Dalimar in the Ravenhearst games is such an absolute delight

  12. playing this game made me feel bad for charles :((

  13. I thought it was ralph Fiennes playing the Charles character, the guy looks the spitting image of him.

  14. This is the first game I ever played in this series and I absolutely adore everything about Charles Dalimar. He's just so incredibly fun to watch in every scene

  15. This game where we uncovered the whole truth about ravenherst manor and the reason Charles dalimar's madness

  16. I know I shouldn't spoil it but I think the reason why Charles turned madness it because it was his mother was reason he started his madness

  17. Did you ever play the first part? i tried finding it on your channel, but couldnt.

  18. I played the first one then Fate's Carnival and back to this one as a kid. The trio of games are still big comfort games for me!

  19. This is a strange game as it has references to my childhood. Some of my family moved to Blackpool, our childhood pet dog was called sparky too lol

  20. The MCF series is by far my favorite HOG series

  21. hi all – i just came across the Ravenhearst series again. I loved it the first time when it came out and decided to play all of them again. I hope someone still checks this site because I am completely stumped. After seeing all the walkthroughs, I cannot get the fuse puzzle to override the lighthouse power. I get all four #'s 5, 3, 7, 4 entered in the correct position. The lights at the bottom light up but it I get the message at the top that says it doesn't have all the information yet.. I have done the sequence at least 14 times and it doesn't work. I hope someone can tell me what I am missing.
    Thank you for any help. Escape from Ravenhearst was my favorite and I don't want to give up.

  22. I used to play Mystery Case Files: Ravenhurst (2006) all the time with my mom when I was little, I never knew there were so many! I hope you play that one some day! Its spooky and honestly quite sad but it has so many fun memories because of my mom 😀

  23. now that I am older….this escape creeps me out, especially mother. So GROSS. Still love the game tho.

  24. This hidden object game triggers my tokophobia :""")

  25. This is the first HOG I'm watching and it's…. special 😅

  26. I’m yelling at my screen like she’ll hear me lol😂😂😂

  27. Gosh I miss playing these. I played almost everyday during summer when I was a kid. Escape from Ravenhearst had more difficult puzzles than Ravenhearst. I was stumped a lot of times but I loved the challenge. The intro for Escape goes so hard like the effort to make the game look terrifying is top tier. Still to this day so impressed that for a point and click mystery game they really let their creativity run wild. Wish they'd make a movie of the Ravenhearst series or something just to bring this game back to life.

  28. This is the creepiest HOG I've seen so far.

  29. This was one of my favorite HOGs growing up. I really loved Echoes of the Past: Royal House of Stone, too! It would mean the world to me if you checked it out 🙂

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