Mystery Case Files: Key to Ravenhearst (Hidden Object Game) -

Mystery Case Files: Key to Ravenhearst (Hidden Object Game)

Gab Smolders
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  1. @ the 1hr mark.. cs kinda feels like 13 ghosts meets death note.

  2. I'm sad she didn't play the original ones first. Madam Fate was another game from the same Devs set in the same world. In fact, the Madam Fate case ended up being tied to Ravenhearst completely.


  4. How long would it take if the chat didn’t help kinda scares me 😂

  5. The funny thing is that i played the MCF from Eipix which is this one and the ravenhearst unlock, and at key to ravenhearst, i was wondering about Emma and Rose's fate, like where are they now?

  6. Yessss more Ravenhearst! I hope there's no creepy pregnant manikins in this one…

  7. I was so happy when I found out Gab has a complete playlist with only hidden object games 😀. Grew up with this type of games with the "Big City adventure" series at first 😊.

  8. These two Ravenhearst games were the best! Thank you for playing these, makes me pay attention for 4 hours and that's rare 😂❤

  9. I love the MCF series. Too bad you're playing them in the opposite order. This one makes so much more sense if you've played 1 and 2. The second game, Return to Ravenhearst is similar in gameplay. The first one has only HOS and puzzles.

  10. I'm confused. If Charles's wife is the mother to gwendolyn and Charlotte then why do they call him grandfather? Also how are the twins alive? Weren't they ghosts in the last game?

  11. Mystery Case Files has so many awesome games, as a recommendation you should play Dire Grove, it's older but really good! I would also recommend Fates Carnival, it'll give you backstory to Madame Fate and her connection to Alistair Dalimar. 😊

  12. Gab, would you ever be interested in playing the dark parables hogs? I loved that series of games!

  13. I don't know if you will ever see this, but I would love to watch you play the Dark Parables hidden objects games. They are very similar to these but are based on fairytales going dark. My favorite was Rise of the Snow Queen. I hope you see this and know that I love your content ❤

  14. The next game continues the story
    Ravenhearst unlocked

  15. Sorry if this has been asked before, but what is the bingo? I know what the game is ,but how does it apply to HOGs and Nancy Drew?

  16. Gab this was such a wonderful game! I had such a amazing Wednesday sittin' back, drinking my tea and folding laundry while watching this!🌟

  17. “We have a spindle, a seahorse, and a golf club…. What even IS this” 😂😂😂 My thoughts when I play any HOG, Gab 😂❤

  18. Oh I remember Dire Grove!! It's such a greepy HOG!

  19. Will you check out the bonus chapter of this game? The whole experience is so cool!

  20. Some of the music in this game sounds like the music in the Barbie Fairytopia movies.

  21. I love this game, I bought from steam soon after I saw your video, I love to watch u play the mystery games, they are a great change of pace. Great job.

  22. literal dead body is being dragged by mysterious person

    some cart go up like a lift



  23. It's a real shame that Gabs is skipping so many games in the series because they don't say "Ravenhearst" in the title. It would be so nice if she could look up the order and play through the missing ones before the final Ravenhearst game.

  24. Did you ever play the original Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove?

  25. I grew up playing quite a few of the big fish games HOG demos including this one but I never got the full story since I can't spend money on games so THIS was the most exciting thing to ever happen. Second to finding your channel

  26. The note you accidentily skipped at 2:17:27 says: My dear, I win again. Benedict's sneaky, cunning pest of a sister is no more! She visited the lighthouse, trying to find out what's happening to her poor, poor brother. Laughable – as if she could do anything to prevent Grandfather's master plan! I must confess… I greatly enjoyed the moment I pushed her. And that look in her eyes – ha! Priceless. anyhow, I'm ahead 6 to 4 now! Grandfather will be so proud of me – not you! Kisses! Gwendolyn

  27. The puzzle with the plane photo reminded me of an argument I made frequently once I was introduced to algebra. If letters were suppose to be used in math, the Roman Empire wouldn't have fallen.

  28. I love that the detective just forgot the names of the twins he saved and that one is named Gwendolyn so a woman at Ravenhearst named Gwendolyn should set off red flags and you should be ready for twin shenanigans

  29. PLEASE play through MCF dire grove! It’s amazing and spooky and gave me childhood nightmares it’s great! Just a suggestion 😄

  30. Ravenhearst unlocked does reveal the full truth behind the ravenhearst manor cursed, i wont reveal spoilers here but the real truth behind the charles madness was actually his mother! She the one cause charled madness in the first place!!

  31. While I will always love the MCF series as a childhood favorite, its kinda sad how the series kept going on past this point, no more live actors or special moments, but instead feeling just as generic as any other HOG

  32. I love this ravenhearst games from bottom of my heart but i never understood why The guy who made hus family suffer , can someone explain me the lore of ravenhearst?

  33. I really like the style and gameplay of this game but dang it turned the Ravenhearst story into an utter mess. The twins here are the same twins (Gwendolin and Charlotte Somerset) from the earlier Ravenhearst games that were kidnapped, tortured, murdered, had their souls enslaved by Charles Dalimar, and were resurrected by the Master Detective and freed to lives as normal 9-year-old girls in 2012 with their mother Rose Somerset and Emma Ravenhearst by the end of Escape From Ravenhearst.

    Then we come to THIS game which takes place 3 years later in 2015 but the girls are somehow now in their 30's, they claim Charles is their father instead of just their abductor (which makes no sense in the timeline considering Charles was in an asylum until he was 21 and the girls were already 7 or 8 when he abducted them and their mother a year or so later), and are suddenly evil and willing to torture, enslave, and murder for the same family that did the SAME THING to them. Oh and they apparently hate the Master Detective, now?! (-‸ლ)

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