Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Unlocked (Hidden Object Game) -

Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Unlocked (Hidden Object Game)

Gab Smolders
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  1. Hi, Gab, THe compass your puzzled about. Is for drawing circles. You open to up to the size you want by using a ruler to measure it after putting a pencil into the side with the hole and tightening it back up so it will not fall out. Then you put the side with the point in the centre of the paper. And spin the compass around, not letting the point in the center move and when you get back to the start you have a circle the size you want.

  2. I have the big sad and your content really helps when you just need a mental health day. Thanks for being there for so many of us. ❤️

  3. When do you go live on twitch? My notifs rarely work 😭😭

  4. Gab i think i am going absolutely mad. Have you played something very similar to this game before? I only ever watch you play HOGs but the start with the asylum & going under the cell is giving me severe dejavu

  5. "Kijk, O Santanil, Kijk naar de mensuil die zijn ogen sluit voor de feestvreugde"

  6. I loved watching these types of hidden object games, the graphics are amazing and the story plots are awesome, I wish I could play these types of games, I need more of a challenge for my mind

  7. How many ravenhearst games are there now? This is giving the final one, but *is it*?

  8. I need Alister, Hugo Baskerville and the patriarch from Mcinroy Manor to be locked in a room together

  9. I made sure to order dinner before beginning the video. Cozy, calories, and CAT!! Ahhh, Heaven❤

  10. i tried to play this on mobile and it bugged out in one of the puzzles so i couldn’t progress 🙁 i’m glad i get to watch you play thru it at least!

  11. This is so nuts. When I was a little girl, I used to play and replay the very first Mystery Case Files games and, now at 32, I cannot believe how far the series has come. The very first one was so cartoony too, and the art and animations have improved 1000 fold.

  12. Loved playing this game with my mom a few years ago

  13. Gab, Fears Of Fathom Episode 4 Is Here!! Excited for you to play it❤❤

  14. Do you have a playlist for Mystery Case Files?? I’d love to watch everything from the beginning but I’m having a hard time sorting through to find the first and their order

  15. Hey Gab! This isn't really game related but just for BB I was wondering if there is any corn in his diet. It's commonly used in Vet recommended foods but Vets are not usually trained in depth when it comes to pet nutrition! There are animal nutritionists that can work with you and your cat specifically if you haven't already looked into that.
    Corn is the third ingredient in a lot of science diet formulas for cats when it actually cannot be digested by them & is high in sugar. I do know someone who's cat ended up with diabetes while on Science Diet Perfect Weight (also have heard of many other cats experiencing the same thing at the pet store I work at!) and after switching his food to a different brand for around 5 months he was no longer diabetic!
    Obviously I don't know everything about BB's medical history but I just thought I'd let you know just in case if this information is of any use! I hope BB is doing well today along with you and Sean, you guys are great cat parents! 🙂

  16. Wow I played ravenhearst with my sister and uncle when I was growing up, I can’t believe someone is actually playing it on YouTube! Such good memories

  17. I would really love to you do a playthrough of the Submachine games now that they’ve been re-released on Steam and are more accessible. They’re weird liminal space puzzle/escape games that are right up your alley.

  18. I have no idea if you guys call it something different across seas but over here in america and canada there are 2 kinds of "compass".

    The one you probably thought of which is the circular contraption with the needle in it telling you which direction you are facing with North, East, South, West.

    But the one you found in the game was the other compass. Its plastic and metal nowadays but before it was made of wood and on 1 end was a pointy part and the other end you attach a pencil. In my math class it was always used to make perfect circles and different sizes but if i recall correctly they were actually used to figure out distances and mark maps, they would stick the pointy end at their location and spread it out depending on the distance their other location was away from them. Other people can probably explain it better since i hated math class and didnt pay attention to any of it. I just remember using them to make perfect circles in different sizes while using the half circle things, and right angles and what not.

    But anyway now you know the other kind of compass

  19. This is perfect after a bad pain day ❤️❤️

  20. Watching this whilst I rest! I’ve been sick all day and your videos are so comforting!❤

  21. Hi! I am watching your phantastic "Scarlet Hollow" series at the moment and just drop by this actual video to tell you how thrilled I am by your work and your style.

    It is not often that we have the chance to "meet" someone who has such a strong will to laugh and to be happy with what one is doing. It is a big pleasure for me and it brightens my day. 🙂
    Thanks for being you and presenting yourself in such a heart-warming and authentic style.

    I will check your channel more often, I think. Keep on with your curiosity and your joy of life (and games). People like you make this earth a lot better place. 🙂👍

  22. Love these playthroughs – a perfect companion to my webcomic work!
    Also, is it just me, or does anyone else see a goofy spooky face in the design of the birdcage from a distance (starting at 7:12) – every time that background shows up, my eyes are drawn to that spot, and I can't unsee it XD

  23. The cinematics of this HOG is intense. Like God dang!

  24. Gab + mystery case files: ravenhearst unlocked + hog = spooky vibes🎃👻

  25. Someone on twitch or hear had to put World of Horror on your map! I know us YT people would love a long playthrough of that game from you, seems totally your vibe!

  26. Have you thought of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple games? They're very much in line with the Nancy Drew games, that are so enjoyable to watch you play.

    I just read 4:50 Paddington after playing an old hidden objects game of the same name, and immediately thought of you.

  27. I hope you finish mass effect someday 😀

  28. Will you upload gameplay of Fears to Fathom Ironbark Lookout?

  29. Saw Ravenhearst and got flashbacks to my childhood lmao

  30. i search a game forgot its name there was an island a big storm and a ghost if i remember good started with plane crash in storm.

  31. HOG time! Just need a cup of joe and I am ready to go. Love Ravenhearst games.

  32. Gabbie can you please play sherlock holmes hound of the baskervilles hidden object game!?

  33. Hey y’all! Quick question, bc I seem to always miss Gab‘s streams: This video is from the October 16th‘s stream, right? And is it right that there were no streams since? Does she announce them anywhere? Can’t find a clue on this on her Twitter (X 🙄) or Insta… Help please?! 🥺

  34. Unfortunately I miss streams most of the days. But am always glad you upload an edited version to youtube. HOGs are some of my favourite, especially on rainy autumn days like these.

  35. めちゃめちゃ関係のないコメント失礼しますm(_ _)m


  36. You know you should really go to sleep when 'Ok' pops up and you try to click it 😴

  37. As weird as it sounds your videos are what i put on to wind down after work and fall asleep too 😅

  38. hI!! i love your videos! What do you use to record your hidden object game playthroughs?

  39. I loved playing the original ravenhearst games as a kid! It is so fun to see you play these newer ones.

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