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[ Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake ] Hidden Object Game (Full playthrough)

Gab Smolders
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  1. Ghost Patrol is likely a parody of the American TV series "Ghost Hunters"

  2. The women the psychic she played the mom on switched at birth . This game is OCD person worse nightmare omg hahahah. Ps love your channel

  3. thanx gab that was good to see you stream it and thanx for letting me watch it again i love your content

  4. As someone from Maine, I'm amused by the town "Bitterford". There is a town called "Biddeford". Enjoyed the word play XD

  5. Where have I seen this game. Seems like I've either played this or watched someone play this awhile back.

  6. When Gab spoils Heavy Rain without uploading the rest of the videos to Youtube XD. Luckily I've already played the game myself lol. More hidden object games!!!

  7. If you liked this youll love escape from ravenherst 2.

  8. That little radio noise makes me think of the original Killing Floor.

  9. ow we didn't hear the characters talking :/
    I hope there would be a playlist with all the HOG, so it'll be easier to go through all of them

  10. Omgosh, I enjoyed this one so much! And thanks to 98 for all of those gift subs!!! 💜

  11. I haven't watched this for very long, but it seems more like a point-n-click adventure, but more first-personish

  12. Rock bottom? That's a funny way of saying the highest form of art.

  13. Ghost Patrol = Ghost Adventures.
    Jack Talon = Zak Bagans
    Oh the drama 😂😂😂

  14. the host of the ghost show reminds me of zak from ghost adventures in the recording lol

  15. Your right, this was one of the best HOG's I've ever seen. The leader (star) of the ghost team played in a few movies as a bad ass/bad dude.

  16. I played this game a few years back and was trying to remember what it was….and BANG! This video comes up on my feed. Love it!

  17. I don't understand why her HOG videos don't have more likes or views, like her HOG videos are one the reasons she's one of my favorite YouTubers. Much love for your videos Gab. 💜

  18. I wish more hidden object games had visual acting. Its neat!

  19. This seems like the perfect amount of cheese for a HOG game

  20. knowing what i know now it’s so strange seeing her ex husband

  21. Not even hardly into the game (just at the prison) and already shes at a loss cause she yakked right through the important dialogue that TOLD HER where the key was. I get talking to her viewers is expected. But not during the dialogue! I almost missed it myself because she was talking over it. :/

  22. Omg the salve in the bathroom was obviously Bag Balm (I recognize the tin even being blurred out)! Its made in the state I live in!!! (Vermont)

  23. Literally ONLY THIS CHICK would look at a fricking drawing of a BUSH and try to find its match INSIDE A FRICKING BUILDING. I literally woke my bf up chanting "its at the f**king truck" for what felt like 5 minutes.

  24. Thank you to ever said Leah Thomson I was trying to place who Cassandra reminded me of.

  25. Will you please shut up during the fmv sequences

  26. i cant believe its been 3 years since i sent you this to play and stream you made my day when you played this

  27. I’m new to your channel. What does “resub” mean? Also, how are we able to interact with u while ur doing the games? Are you going live while doing them?

  28. The actors in this game are pretty good! I've seen much worse in every single syfy movie/series. These games are quite fun to watch.

  29. The movie Howard the Duck is kind of famous for being really awful. It's sometimes fun because it's so bad, but it's definitely very, very bad.

  30. Damn, this game is really good at scaring us with the ghosts. 😄 I keep jumping and shouting "JESUS!" as they pop-up haha

  31. I LOVE the Mystery Case Files games! Dire Grove is my favorite.^^

  32. Sealing a demon below the water with human sacrifice? A whole town wiped out by a curse? Big fatal frame vibes

  33. Fun fact : Cassandra the name of the psychic is based on the Greek mythological character of the same name. She was cursed with the ability to predict the future but people would never believe her until it’s too late.

  34. Is ghost patrol been sued by paw 🐾 patrol?

  35. I tried playing this game years ago but my device couldn't support it amf it kept crashing this is great Ill be able to find out what happens

  36. The whole town looks like a ghost town and it’s really creepy. And I don’t blame them for wanted to get out of that ghost town, I would get out of that place as soon as possible

  37. The readings are my favorite part.
    I love the sound of the blocks smacking into each other and Gab struggling to get them orientated.

  38. This HOG is amazing lol. The live acting is so fun!

  39. first of all, i love your channel, since my uni break started i've been catching up with your nancy drew and hog series!!
    honestly this so far has been one of my fav hog (together with the horror movie trilogy one, the mystery tracker: forgotten voices and paranormal files: ghost chapter- looking forward to that sequel!). probably because it reminded me of a good old supernatural episode in the first few seasons.
    it was def more high budget probably since they had some professional actors and actresses. my theory is that someone of the team knew lea thompson and her family or that her daughter was involved in the game making. because the assistant of that ghost patrol team, the one which had the rune necklace at the cliffhanger post credit scene, is the daughter of lea thompson. so it can't be a coincidence that both of them, mother and daughter were in this game! anyways kinda sad that there wasn't a sequel or that they don't do these hog with real people anymore :/

  40. This is the HOG that started it all for me. Got hooked on ALL of them because of this one.

  41. Lea Thompson played a good part in this game. She's best remembered as playing Marty Mcfly's mom Lorraine in Back to the Future

  42. Another good game by Big Fish is “Mystery Legends: The Phantom of the Opera.” I played it once on my iPad but it’s only available on their website now. It’s like a great “what if” story that takes place after the events in the Phantom of the Opera book. It’s a H.O.G as well. It’s pretty long, if you get it make sure to get collector’s addition.
    The Collector’s Edition includes:
    Bonus quest and gameplay
    Integrated Strategy Guide
    Original Novel
    Classic love story
    Gorgeous gameplay

    (Sorry for long-winded comment, luv yah and Seán, have a nice day!!!💙💛💙)

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