Mystery of Mortlake Mansion (free full game) -

Mystery of Mortlake Mansion (free full game)

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The old mansion has been living a mysterious life of its own. Explore the dark rooms of the house and discover the secrets that haunt this eerie place. Meet the talking raven and the Spirit, the enigmatic captives of the mansion. Confront the insidious lord, break the evil spells, set the captives free and become the owner of the gorgeous mansion. Numerous hours of adventures and discoveries await you in the Mortlake Mansion.
Download full version (no trial and no time limit) here:


  1. I randomly remembered playing this today like a fever dream. I’m gonna replay it. God I missed it.

  2. o tanto de medo q eu tinha desse jogo e indescritivel

  3. Do we just watch you play? What's the point of that?

  4. Thank you soo much dude mai bhot din se dhund rha tha ye game naam he NH yaad aarha tha thank you ye game ki liya

  5. the first game i play on pc

  6. their was a similar game with phoenix in the name if anyone know the game please let me know i am finding it for really long time

  7. Me encanta este tipo de juegos! 😀

  8. there is a really cool free game in the game store to find objects. that look like the one in the video. Anyone interested, the name of the game is Raid Roids.

  9. if i download it of that linkf, do i have to pay that i can play full version??

  10. No, is the full version with ads at start offered by MyPlayCity

  11. Go to gametop and hit puzzle and it'll be there. 🙂

  12. I played this game! Its one of my faves!!!! Also I would also recommend Maestro Music Of Death!

  13. Jesus, i was bored to death playing this…

  14. se supone que pedii un juego en español y aqui no hay nada en español.-

  15. a ver si poneis. los juegos. en español o por lo menos que se puedan leerlo en español

  16. quiero jugar y traducirlo al español porfi!!!!!!!

  17. It is in my pc till now so boring game it is😑

  18. How do we get the link to the music at the beginning … Any ideas??

  19. One of the best point click games I've ever

  20. The Credits does not list the voice artists. Any one know who they are? Main character sounds a lot like Peter Davison (English version, male player, of course)

  21. buenas tardes como hago para descargar Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst Walkthrough completo

  22. I remember playing this one years ago and have been trying to find it ever sense, quite a task if one can’t remember the title

  23. Oh shit its p+c slash hidden object slash escape combo game.

  24. I played this several years ago, and i always loved it


  26. Thank you for making this video! Me and my mother used to play this and we were looking for it but we forgot the name. This video rekindled our memory!

  27. Back to the 2011 my childhood with this cool mystery game

  28. Ive always been scared by the visuals and bgm in the dark side but overall the best mystery game ever

  29. I played this game as kid with my father and deceased neighbour. Good old times.

  30. Pls someone there was a game like this anyone know the name is was like this but different stage

  31. Their is same like this in harry potter version. Does anybody knows the name of game?

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