Mystery Society 2 - Hidden Object Mystery Puzzle -

Mystery Society 2 – Hidden Object Mystery Puzzle

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The MYSTERY SOCIETY is back with a new addictive Hidden Object Adventure game!

A secret team of elite detectives has worked behind the scenes for years to solve puzzles and investigate crimes. But thieves and other criminals continue to steal precious jewels and other rare artifacts.

Find hidden objects and solve more puzzles and challenges than ever before. Match 3 puzzles, Memory games, and more fun minigames await you this time around!


  1. You didn't answer my question about the game mystery society how do I know when I have gone up in a level?

  2. I had to uninstall then reinstall app on my phone. It is making me start all over again. Is there any way I can start back where I left off?

  3. Hi. I love the game but can't craft anything because the game won't let me find where some of the items are. For insance, I need to trade a latte with Emelia. So when I go to the Fancy Caterer, I see the latte requires 22 coffee beans (I have plenty of those), 2 milks (I only have 1 of those, not even sure how that even came to be), and 900 coins (plenty of those). But when I click on the milk, I get 2 options, Find Item or Request. I click on the Find Item and nothing happens. Is there something I need to do to be able to do this? I can request items, but cannot use the Find Item option in any instance.

  4. there are multiple problems. for example tornado booster can not be used. one of the quest is required to reach more than 5000 points in stirage facility, yet when u exceed that number , the quest does not seem to be achieved. Also lots of items are only acquired when you trade. However, no matter how much you trade you wont be able to get them. I have completed too many collections, yet because of these items that wont show up while trading I can not turn these collections. This sucks

  5. I reached level 45. Is there other cities To unlock other than San Pétersbourg : Lisboa , Munich , Hong Kong .. As for the Ambassade Etrangere : too expensive : 3 items to get one .

  6. I found more problems, I unlocked las vegas but i didn't get the prize, and i used the hour glass, also I didn't get the prize, and I reached more than 4000 in the vault but i didn't receive the prize

  7. Hello everyone, sorry for not answering any questions here, we didn't keep an eye on it! You can always email us at and we'll respond in 48 hours.

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