Mystery Trackers: Forgotten Voices (Hidden Object Game) -

Mystery Trackers: Forgotten Voices (Hidden Object Game)

Gab Smolders
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  1. Why completely discount yourself as a new Nancy Drew? I, for one, think you'd make a brilliant VA simply listening to your reactions and commentary, and I reckon your voice would lend well to a HOG (or any other game really)

    I haven't played a HOG for years, but I'd jump at one that was voiced by you – be cool if it was one that didn't take itself too seriously and they just recorded some of the lines as genuine reactions to you trying out puzzles etc 🤣

  2. never use to Journal a philosophy behind it. Mind you, I do not remember who originally came up with the practice, but I learned about it from Megan Batoon here on YouTube.
    You are supposed to create something called "Journal Pages" and the proper way to do it is you sit down, open your journal, and you write down all of your thoughts or what is going on in your head. However long it takes, just keeps writing. Once you find it difficult to write down your thoughts or continue, that is supposed to mean that you are ready to take in new information or go about your day.
    I think you are supposed to do them in the mornings and this mindfulness practice is a way of sifting through your brain and creating a sense of organization while you get to process all the nonsense in your head. I have not looked into it officially but I think once you have written everything down, go through your pages and see if there are any similarities or reoccurring themes. You can circle them, highlight them, star them; just bring awareness to them because clearly that topic is important or causing some stress for you if your brain is thinking about it a lot. Once you have a list of those stress points, you can start your day by tackling them and getting them off your to-do list and thus giving some relief to yourself.

  3. "Well you are in the Silent Hill version of the other school."

    I love how she went the Silent Hill route and I went Corpse Party route because I thought, "Oh, this Heavenly Host… not as much blood." lol

  4. do i wanna see a hidden object game after being in the hospital for 3 days? YES MAAM. HEAL ME RELAXATION

  5. I used to write journals like crazy when I was younger. But that was mostly because of how bad my mental health was (didn't know that then tho) and the journal/diary gave me an outlet for all the thoughts I couldn't vocalize. It was pretty nice tho! But writing a journal today would just be a review of what YT videos I watched XD

  6. I just wanna know why they touch random things they don't know what it's in the Bonus Chapter. XD
    I mean, they learned the hard way the school has a magical base/land.

  7. This WAS really fun and I feel like this is the first HOG where I was actually invested in the characters and not just looking for hidden collectibles while subpar story happens.
    I would love if you pursued some of the other games you looked up on your phone.

  8. I really like these kinds of games, and I’m glad you continue to play them. Do you intend on doing a play of Famicom Detective Club?

  9. I bet you would love the movie “Escape Room”.

  10. 48:08 is it bad that I thought Gab was going to say, “do we smash the bird with the hammer?” 😂

  11. Fluiten means trillerpfeife in German^^
    Thx for playing🍀

  12. Lol, the master of heads 🤣. Could it be the head (leader) amongst all the masters?

  13. Am i the only one wanting to know where Gab got her hoodie?!?! it looks so comfy! Where did you get it Gab? >_<

  14. That card game would make me give up on the whole game.

  15. New game Play Horizon forbiden west Trailer 28 may 2021 😃😃👍❤️

  16. "footprints on the roof, how?" lol… My garage ceiling actually has footprints on it 😅

  17. omg I love hidden object games, I've always been obsessed with the Mystery Case Files Series especially the older ones like the Ravenhearst series! Hidden object games nowadays have such immersive and interesting stories.

  18. Hey Gab, would you consider placing your HOG play list on your youtube playlists tab? It was the first place I looked for it and I couldn't find it there. I'm an addict btw, I love having these on in the background while doing other work. Okay – I get distracted quite a lot trying to solve some of the puzzles, but I'm such a happier worker bee because of them.

  19. "Oh, we're going on his computer? …. OH. RIGHT. Files and everything are always on computers these days. I forgot. Somehow"

  20. when the character started digging the soil with the helmet I just, what?

  21. I found your channel pretty recently and started with watching all your Nancy Drew videos. I love them! Moved on to hogs. Now i've started buying hogs myself.
    Thank you for the amazing content and for leading me to discover a new genre of games ❤️

  22. This was really fun! Love whenever you play HOGs. Also takes me back to when I used to play lots of Big Fish Games titles.

  23. That one dude sounds like dr zoidberg from Futurama. 😂

  24. Have you played any of The Room games? I think you would like those as well and the story is very interesting. Hope to see you play them eventually!

  25. You should play the Princess Isabella h.o.g games. They’re so fun, mysterious, and adventurous to play! I highly recommend them!

  26. I grew up playing these games with my mom on our old Windows XP desktop 😂 it’s so endearing that they’re still making these games! I’ve always loved them!! 💖

  27. Ok I NEED to know where you got that hoodie! I need one. Can anyone direct me? I love these games too btw.

  28. Principal: "Those students are not enrolled here" actin sus
    Also principal: Does nothing to get rid of the things that proves they went there

  29. that was a fun one, and incorporated the puzzles into the stopry in a way that made them more a part of the story. but some looked WAY easy, or was it only me thinking htat?
    because normaly i suck at these games

  30. Girl you have a great nose.. I mean that in a totally non creepy way but it's very cute and I am envious of it. Lol.

  31. I swear this soundtrack sounds like it’s from Wizard 101!!!

  32. 7 years ago I used to play HOGs a lot when I was like 13-14 of age, watching your gameplay made me nostalgic, ughh all the memories of those good ol' days 😌

  33. Gab please play Mystery legends beauty and beast, it's an HOG with an amazing art style, it's animations are absolutely beautiful
    It's very short game (around 2 hours or less than that) but it's story is greatly twisted than the classic beauty and the beast fairytale.
    I loved its art style so much
    If you are looking for more HOGs please give this game a try
    Thanks for this gameplay, it was worth it ❤️

  34. … when Ginger has red hair and is called ‘Ginger’, but Slate also has red hair … (Obviously ‘Ginger’ has ‘luscious’ hair in a plait, but the fact they made Slate red haired with a grey beanie (and presumably called him Slate for that reason) has an explanation) … looking forward to finishing this play through! xxx

  35. “Do you read Sutter Cain?” I was not expecting an “In The Mouth of Madness” reference. Nice job.

  36. 54:35 does this school have liquid nitrogen extinguishers or something?


  38. where did gabs get that hoodie :O so nice !

  39. I feel like agent Slate was supposed to talk more but when they got his voice lines back and realized he sounded like he was choking on rocks they ever so slightly removed a few lines

  40. 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  41. Anyone else this the guy with the odd voice sounds a bit like Zoidberg from Futurama.

  42. After watching my first ever HOG here on Gab's channel I want more 🙂

  43. Gab pls pls play the whole series of the games! Your video relaxed me like nothing else and the plot was not at all bad. Now I'm craving more of the franchise and will be waiting hopefully to watch some in the near-ish future 💖 I love your horrors, but after this particular game I want to check out more HOGs

  44. If you know you know: Slater sounds like the big guy from prison school

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