Mystery Trackers: Queen of Hearts (Hidden Object Game) -

Mystery Trackers: Queen of Hearts (Hidden Object Game)

Gab Smolders
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  1. Lovely watch this one was! I was wondering if you're going to play the rest of the Samorost series, quite enjoyed those little games.

  2. My name's Rusty, so whenever I see anti-rust spray or anything I instantly think, "oh no it's anti me spray" lol. Love the hog videos

  3. This picture has to be complete before I rip it off the wall!!

  4. CRAZYMUS PRIDE my truth's will drive you mad says:

    Last week I play "cube escape paradox chapter 1" it take me 35 minutes to beat it
    15 minutes it take me the last 2 puzzle's because it force you make many steps
    so then i see Gab do more steps I have the need to skip the puzzle
    Don't try to show off, I am saying is interesting that any person have the power to use the brain power in the same way, but she/he doesn't, and this is why we are different from all other animals of this planet

  5. The razor blade is used in old school double edge shaving using a safety razor. Nowadays most folks use the multi blade cartridge razors. In my opinion, the shave you get is not as good with the cartridges but that is marketing for you.

  6. Hey! I use a razorblade (in a razor) everytime I shave! you make me feel old… Wait, I AM old.

  7. 1:16:00 about that razorblade
    Idk about other places but in my country they still sell those
    I actually cut my nails with those razors lmao yes I know it's bizarre, blame my mom kekw

  8. Gab did you hear the news about fatal frame 4? It's coming to the west cross-platform in early 2023!

  9. Could we get a tour of you set-up, your computers and such ?

  10. Gab! I've been waiting to see a reaction video of you and the new fatal frame 4 reveal on Nintendo direct!

  11. Just saw Fatal Frame 4 advertised on steam. I love you channel, and I know for sure I will be able to watch a good play through here. Love your videos. They always make me feel better when I am having a hard time.

  12. both of my parents working industrially makes it wild to me that gabs never seen a real razor blade before

  13. "Dr. Cyanide, no!! He was only 50!"😂😂😂

  14. Have you played resident evil revelations 2? I wasn’t able to search it

  15. Mystery trackers series is pretty long I looked up. Now I want to see all games played.

  16. I used to play games like this all the time as a kid…didn’t think I’d really enjoy them anymore but the space dog made me instantly obsessed.

  17. not me singing baby shark for the opening, HAHAHAHAHA

  18. God I love watching Gab play HOGs, no one else even comes close and she's so funny about it. More Please!

  19. Is "vehicular accident in the first 10 minutes of the game" on the bingo because I swear at least 50% of the HOGS I've watched you play have started with a car/bus crash 😅

  20. I would love if you could play more bioshock! that series of yours was truly amazing and I would love to see infinite and bioshock 2 love your videos btw!! 🙂

  21. Have you tried playing Beacon Pines (release on sep 22)? If you love Scarlet Hollow you're gonna love this game as well!
    Its a decision based game, has lots of mysteries and CREEPY stuff in the small town, plus it has beautiful art!

  22. GAB FATAL FRAME 4 IS COMING TO PS5!!!! AHHH!! i think that was the first play through of yours i ever watched, and i thinks it my favourite fatal frame. i cant wait to play it and then watch you play it again

  23. "I need multiple cats." That is a general fact of life. Why settle with one cat when you can have them all?

  24. I've been watching your videos lately and I just finished your amnesia rebirth saga and I'm amazed with your sense of humor and style of videos, you have a new fan ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

  25. Please play Night of the gates of hell🥺

  26. 1:16:00!!! The photo below the dude; that's an old photo of my great aunt!!! I'm not sure why they decided to stick her in a prison locker in the game lmao, but she was a very prolific water conservationist across Canada!!! She is no longer with us, but she was always a strong and inspirational woman; Josephine Mandamin 💙💧🙌🏽

  27. There’s a butterfly in the middle and there’s a butterfly on the right

  28. I had also never seen a razor blade in my life until a few months ago when I started work at a frameshop. Now I see like 5 or 6 per day, they still look weird to me though

  29. I like the lampshade with the diamond emblem unlocking a glass cutter.

  30. As if those two people didn't see or hear the huge suction cup from that plunger, fart its way onto the tiny pane of glass 🙄

  31. The oddest part of HOGs is every lock has a puzzle to it. Imagine having to solve a puzzle every time you need to unlock the bathroom door

  32. 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  33. Im sorry this HOG made me laugh way too hard that it hurt. i replayed the part when the weirdly animated space dog dropped a bowl ontop of the fuzzy fella with a bonk noise right after

  34. The plot of this game is ridiculous. With both the kid and the FBI agent when they changed they lost their minds, too. I just kept thinking about how elite those rich folk who paid for the antidote are going to feel when they have to farm their own food, run their own water treatment plants, and clean their own toilets lol. They did not think this through. 🤣

  35. this is the funniest and most unhinged HOG so far, I'm cackling

  36. You should play Ravenheart if you haven’t already done it!! Those are my favorite hidden object games!!

  37. Congrats on reaching 900k subs Gab! It feels like just the other day you had 600k!

  38. Talk about uncanny valley for those npcs!

  39. Pls keep playing hidden object games, you are my favorite streamer 💅

  40. 1:02:35 Probably is just what is generally thought of when it comes to using those tools (metal hacksaw and wood jigsaw). Though you'd think a HOG would get away from that ideology.

    1:15:46 Those are safety razor blades. Some men prefer to use a safety razor over a cartridge as you can get a better shave, it just takes longer. Cartridge razor are more convenient to use and easier to learn. Also Cartridge razors ease some of the psychological tension people have about the blades themselves. Like how looking at a straight razor can give someone serious Sweeney Todd vibes.

  41. This is like a very realistic depiction of the Professor Layton world where literally everything is a puzzle

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