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[ Myth Seekers 2 ] Hidden Object Game (Full playthrough)

Gab Smolders
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  1. Coke zero. Same great coke taste with zero sugar now with a hint of added vanilla. Im so sorry lol

  2. Gracias Gab por otro gran video!!! Saludos!!!

  3. stops at 4 minutes
    Those face animations are terrifying D:

  4. Is Gabs hog playlist up to date? Wanted to check to see if she played the first in this series but it didn't come up from searching YouTube.

  5. Ah yay! I love Hidden Objects games!! It's so chill I love it <3
    I used to play so many on my phone ~

  6. Thank you so much for doing these videos. I had no ideas these types of games even existed before I watched you playing one a few days ago (came for your Resident Evil Let's Plays and then went wandering around your playlists) and now I am hughely addicted!

  7. these videos are my absolute favorites because i can just relax and watch gab have fun LOL

  8. Yes, GAB, play Nancy Drew games! Ah, just thinking about those games makes me feel nostalgic. I still remember playing Mystery of the Haunted Mansion with my dad growing up. We were struggling to figure out this piano code and suddenly the cursor stopped moving, so we both looked at each other like 'did we just get it right by chance?'. It turned out that the computer was lagging hahaha


  10. play resident evil 4 nintendo switch ada wong story please

  11. "Good people, who travelled from villages near and far! Lend me your ears…" 😀 Best scene.

  12. OMG BB 😻😽 I love it when he gets camera time I just wish I could pet him!

  13. Eveyln plays some really good games and i just love the way she commentates shes so nice 🙂

  14. Karin slaughter books are awesome… Have you read any from Angela Marsons ?

  15. Can you play this game Murder in the alpes is a Hidden object game I hope you like the game. awesome video and keep the great content

  16. WWE Romen Rey, Jon Dowen AKA The Rock Casun

  17. Is it just me? Or @25:21 the photo of Marlene look so much like Gab? 😛

  18. thankyou so much evelyn for liking my comment 😀

  19. Please do the Nancy Drew games! As a little girl, my mom and I started playing them together, and now, even as an adult, we play them when they come out. There's no HOG parts, but the puzzles are pretty decent. The VA is pretty horrible, though lol You should play either Treasure in the royal tower or the curse of blackmore manor… They're "spooky."

  20. omg I would love if you played the Nancy drew games!

  21. I. 👏🏻LOVE. 👏🏻HOGS. 👏🏻

  22. If you're looking for more hidden object games, I would suggest the Hidden Expedition games!

  23. I really like watching and playing these hidden object games. I'm a huge fan of puzzle games. I played all the Professor Layton games on the DS.

  24. When you try to give GAB hints that you see by shouting at your phone hoping she hears you through the screen and the big feeling of accomplishment when she gets it like you helped even though this was streamed before being posted on YT lol 😂🤣 God I love when you play HOGs! Thank you for the upload!

  25. I love ur hogs and commentary, especially one on the rescued dogs, I have the complex too, wanna save all pets!

  26. I want to watch you playing so many HOGs but since I just got into them, I don't want spoilers. In such cases I just give your videos my like and step away temporarily :3 EDIT: I see you never played Questerium, at least there's no video. It was my first HOG experience ^^

  27. Its only a Gab HOG video if big boss and coke-no-sugar makes an appearance

  28. Oooh oooh play Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek! Game Grumps started it for Jingle Grumps and while they made up some hilarious shit for their let's play, I would like to see the end of it.

  29. I have an alarm on my phone like that. A bunch of sheep appear on my screen and I have to tap the ones that are awake (there is only one) and I have to do that five times. They shuffle locations every three seconds or so.

  30. This game is pretty interesting and some is so tough but you can solve some! 😀 Also, I love this bonus because pets family~!

  31. It's nice that you do a playthrough. The plot of the game gave me some….meeeh looks sorta cliché. But the plot happens in Britany and it's about the city of Ys, which 1) i happen to live there and 2) The suken city of Ys is a well know legend. (Living near the location of the legend help)

    I didn't watch the video yet but i hope the game is not too bad (i saw some reviews on steam and herg….)

  32. So cool to know you like Top Secret and Men in Tights! Jim Abrams and the Zucker brothers are amazing, as of course was Mel Brooks. For Brooks, his best, I'd say, are Spaceballs and Blazing Saddles. For the Zucker Brothers and Jim Abrams, who've worked on tons of movies together, it's easily Top Secret and the 2 Airplane! movies. I think their first was called The Kentucky Fried Movie, another must see. Oh geez and The Naked Gun. I could go on and on…

  33. it took me about 9 videos of yours to finally realize the HOGs you're talking about mean 'hidden object games' : I

  34. Microfiche (or microfilm) refers to items that have been photographed and placed on negatives in order to store information. Microfiche refers to sheet negatives while microfilm is on a reel. Usually it's newspapers or census information store on them, but they do also have ones with large photo collections. Used mostly in libraries/archives. (Am a librarian and use it almost daily).

  35. i have this game! :} my fiance just got it for me so i can play it full game now really love it

  36. Have you ever tried custom options? You can keep the puzzles and turn of skip/hints or even make the skip/hints recharge instantly in some games!

  37. I like your glasses,they make you look intelligent

  38. We didn't land on Plymouth rock, Plymouth rock landed on us

  39. I love watching these. It’s so peaceful and fun. It helps me chill. ❤️

  40. HI, At 2:21:20. With the bottle on the left side of the piller it should have fallen to the right. Not the left.

  41. Odd that there are ads in this vid but not at all in others.

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