Noir Chronicles, City of Crime (Hidden Object Game) -

Noir Chronicles, City of Crime (Hidden Object Game)

Gab Smolders
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  1. Carving pumpkins is more of a thing you do as a child, or with children, I think. But There are professional pumpkin carvers I think!

  2. This is so chilled to watch and listen to while working 🥺

  3. Most of these story points were literally ripped from Blacksad

  4. There's something really precious about seeing you making Game Grumps references lol. What a great episode!

  5. Wait, Hidden Object games get some love from big YouTubers?? My life is complete!
    I'm down the rabbit hole of Big Fish Games since forever.

  6. I was waiting for the obligatory Hagrid joke and I wasn't disappointed. Thank you

  7. Also regarding pumpkins. I'm from Canada and at least where I'm from jack o lanterns are popular. In elementary school and grade 9 of highschool around Halloween a lot of teachers bring small pumpkins in for the students and they do a day with pumpkin carving. Then the kids bring them home and the family will often use them on the porch.

  8. i watch these to fall asleep. theres something about gabs voice that makes me sleepy! its been hard lately to get to sleep due to anxiety but just having this in the background helps a lot

  9. After BB left my own sir cattington came and is now perched on my lap this is a very rare occurrence

  10. Then see petting BB she sounds more Sincere then she thanks people

  11. I used to play these types of games a lot and I'd never thought I'd see one on YouTube. This is so cool! <3

  12. My kitty boy does that too, accept he perches on me 😂

  13. I kept yelling at the pc, to use the key in barbras office. hahaha lol

  14. Thank you for the play through! I love HOG's! Your cat is awesome and so chill, I love kitties!

  15. OMG AT 15:30 the story and 3 photo of the album is totally the same story and picture from the first vol of Blacksad

  16. I am soo happy that there are other people loving hidden object games, they are sooo underrated and have a special place in my heart. Grew up playing soo many of them!

  17. Halloween is my favorite holiday & I have never had a pumpkin or carved one🗡 🎃

  18. This looks so weird and cool at the same time lol

    (you can tell I’m procrastinating bc I’m starting watching all of your hidden objects videos AND I’m watching stardew at the same time)

  19. I am 99.9% sure that starting music is lifted STRAIGHT from L.A. Noire's soundtrack. I knew every note as it was playing. And I somewhat doubt Rockstar would just license their music like that…?

  20. when he picks up something it sounds like the detective is blowing air

  21. There was a handprint on the jacket of he guy you gave the money to

  22. The guy who gave you Mortimer's address,the one in the bar with the sunglasses on

  23. You still need the handprint off the jacket of the guy in the bar with the sunglasses on

  24. I am feeling so sad today because I lost my boxer dog named Leah she passed away today. So I’m trying to cheer myself up by watching some hidden object games.

  25. Just started to play these games myself. They r really fun and chill to play.

  26. As an American I can confirm that every year on Halloween there are a lot of pumpkins out of door steps. That how you know what house to go to that night.

  27. I love these kinds of videos so much. Love you too!

  28. 😍😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍

  29. The music is totally from another noir game, LA: Noire! It's so good

  30. You stole the tattoos off that man’s back. Damn 😳

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