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Our NEW Hidden Object Digital Game: Find the Microbes

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Enjoy, learn, and compete in this captivating body-tingling digital game featuring your favorite GIANTmicrobes. Discover over 100 hidden microbes and body cells hiding at the beach, forest, carnival, city and within a medieval castle too! Best played on your desktop computer.

Win prizes and unlock discounts! There are two ways to play:

Timed competitive mode: Select your level and then beat the clock to earn a spot on the top 10 leaderboard to win prizes every month!

Educational casual mode: Relax, take your time, gather friends and reveal fun facts about each microbe you find. Discover at least 100 microbes and you will unlock discounts too!

Play now and start unlocking discounts:


  1. I thought the PDF image edition was better, and why do I recognize those squish sound effects… lenny face

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