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Overlooked – The Hidden Potential of Hidden Object Games – Extra Credits

Extra Credits
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Hidden-object games have a lot of potential for innovation, and in some aspects of design, such as characters, they actually fare better than more popular genres.
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(Original air date: October 9, 2013)

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  1. 4:28 The name of the problem you are trying to tackle is "toxic masculinity."

  2. three years ago and this is still probably pretty true, ive never once heard anyone talk about a hidden object game and ive only ever played 2 which i got in a bundle for cheap at fry's

  3. I know this episode have been years, but… Can someone name me the At The Mountains Of Madness game? As a Lovecraft fan by heart, that sounds something to look in to.

  4. Oh, my god. Do not even get me STARTED on how much I loved Hidden Object games as a little girl.
    I used to download em, and play them for hours and hours, and I'd even invite my mom and older brother to play with me. After all, 6 eyes are better than 2!!
    Either way, when I was small, my favorite types were either the Murder Themed ones, like the Women's Murder Club series (Which….I'm pretty sure were based on a series of books???), a certain HO Game series that was based around the idea of the main protagonist being a Wedding Planner (Forget what the series was actually called), or the General Fantasy game.
    I played these games fully in mind that they probably weren't '''good''' games,
    but that they were fun games. I had fun with them, simply by way of playing them with my family or playing them alone and engrossing my mind and eyes in searching.
    I'm actually glad that this video exists, I can't actually find a decent HO game anymore, now that I'm an adult but this gave me some titles to check out!

  5. "James buys the new Madden every year just to see as a developer what they changed."

  6. Wait.. what??? DID THEY EVEN ANSWER THE QUESTION??? if they did… I still don't understand…

  7. There was a hidden object game that I used to play with my father as a kid. It absolutely FASCINATED me, and I have looked for it, because it hid items cleverly and had other minigames and, well, was fun, but I have never succeeded, because I could never remember it's name. Only the slightest hint of it being related to ancient Egypt. . .

  8. "Go look at hidden object games if you liked the old point and click games."
    Uh… of the few point and click games that I've tried I have universally come to a point where I'm like "now what do I do?" and I keep clicking and looking and trying to figure things out. But I don't. So I drop the game. This is made all the worst by this stuck point usually happening to me early in the game. Most recent one for me was Deponea. I've heard a lot of point and clicks have great stories, but I'm just going to have to be content with hearing about them. I guess they're not for me.

  9. Artifex Mundi games are (usually) very good. If you play games on a Kindle Fire, tons of hidden object games (including lots from Artifex Mundi) are on Amazon Underground for FREE. I've probably played 100 of them, and I recommend sticking with 5-star and close to 5-star games. Obviously some games are bad, as with any games, but those will usually be rated 3.5 stars or less.

  10. WALTER WICK'S EYE SPY! MY ENTIRE CHILDHOOD! Ultimate Eye Spy made me so happy.

  11. When did they made the "games do Cthulhu wrong" video?

  12. Some of the first games I ever played were the Ravenhurst trilogy (while it was still a trilogy). They didn't have the best writing, but Escape from Ravenhurst (the third one) is up there with my favorite games of all time.

  13. that outro music…i have lost so many hours to sims. please, don't let the green crystal take me.

  14. Well, it's purely personal – I've tried some of this kind of games but never sticked to one. Slient Age may be the one I prefer the most, if that counts.

  15. I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on games like "Five Nights at Freddy's" or "Bendy and the Ink Machine" which while not central to the overall gameplay have a ton of "hidden objects" to help you figure out the story. Games where the hidden objects are optional to those willing to look.

  16. Honestly, my first exposure to hidden object games wasn't even through these apps (which, by the way, I've been dying to try at some point). It was actually through looking at the Highlights kids' magazines when I was young.

    That actually leads me to wonder, since I haven't gotten through everything yet: Has there ever been an episode on puzzle books? I'm talking more than crosswords and word searches, though I enjoy those. Like sudokus, kakuros, and other logic puzzles of all sorts. Those are some of the kinds of games I was brought up on.

  17. Can you do an episode on games that have children be protagonists in serious games?

  18. If you guys need a hidden objects game series to look at, I highly recommend Blue Tea Game's Dark Parables.



  21. some of te concept you talked about in other vids are nailed by hidden object games here are two examples
    The Uncanny Horror Technique ( Phantasmat : Behind The Mask )
    Narrative Villain ( Dark Parables : Ballad Of Rapunzel )
    Rite Of Passage : Child Of The Forest had a final boss I can compare to Omega Flowey ( You did not talk about it but it was very unique of a hidden object game to do that .) my Favorite game from Artifex Mundi is :
    Enigmatis : The Mists Of Ravenwood

    thanks Artifex Mundi for making someone give a shit .

  22. Also Check out Mad Head games ( they are famous they made a lot of noteworthy hidden object games
    these include :
    Nevertales : The Beauty Within ( it is really good gameplaywise )
    Cadenza : Music , Betrayl and Death ( I really liked it it has the best music score in all of Hidden Object history )
    Maze : Subject 360 ( A super scary game in bigfish there is a warning that it is an intense psychological thriller for mature audience only if you see my comments reply and go get some of these games .

  23. Please give some examples of really good ones to people in another video , some of them are mesmerizingly good .

  24. I really liked hidden object games. They are great if you only have like a phone or something. But they are sooo expensive. For good reason cuz usually they look amazing!

  25. Honestly, I sometimes feel like the whole genre was built on a fundamental fallacy: despite what they think, pixel hunts are not in games because players enjoy them. But yeah, modern hidden-objects are more about story, not built for the usual gaming audience.

  26. I discovered today's hidden-object games during a Steam sale (can't remember now if it was the Summer Sale or Winter Sale). One of the games listed for under $5 was Eventide: Slavic Fable. I figured "Meh, if I don't like it, I've only wasted a buck or two" and bought it. And loved it. It was short (hence the low price point) but I quickly got emotionally invested in the story and characters. They start you off having to escape from a car that's hanging over a cliff (you have to find your window-bashing tool and a couple things you shouldn't be without) and basically say "Okay, now you're at your mom's culture museum in the Carpathians with only the stuff in your pockets. What do you do next?" Each new puzzle or hidden-object scene made sense based on where you were at the time (if you remember the first couple games in the Kings Quest series, you understand what I mean by "this puzzle makes no sense in context"). It was a very satisfying game, and I know I'm going to buy as many others as I can in the series so I can learn more about the main character and her Slavic background.

  27. Couldn't include one line of explanation in the beginning? I had to pause and Google just to have context

  28. lol the sims music had me jamming at the end XD

  29. There's somehow no category for hidden object games on the Google play store

  30. Is the end theme a remix of the Sims 3 loading menu?

  31. If anyone is here thinking True Fear Part 1 is gonna be awesome , just play Maze : Subject 360

  32. Working on one (cyber object game) now, about half way done!!!! About 12 more months should do it.

  33. An interesting newer hidden pictures game that i enjoyed (it had an original four game series and was very beautiful) was Awakening (a Big Fish game) the first one is called Awakening the dreamless castle and was about a girl who woke up in a castle knowing nothing about herself

  34. I played around 30 or so in 2018 so if you want any recommendations feel free to ask .

  35. idk why everyone is saying point and click puzzle games are dead. like, hiveswap is the perfect example of a modern point and click game

  36. 2:03 you don't. That's the entire problem. If you make your female characters what you think your audience will accept, then they are guaranteed to be trash. What you do, is you make awesome female characters and put them in games that people want to play, and change your audience's viewpoint. There aren't good female characters because there is no demand for them. Solution: manufacture the demand.

  37. "The Hidden Object Game Genre has been overlooked-"

    The what

  38. Hidden objects games have a special place in my heart. When I was younger my mom really loved to play these games and would usually call for my help, as she doesn't understand English and most of them were only in English at the time, we would pay these games together a lot and have a lot of fun together, it's one of the few situations where I had positive experiences with the combination of parents and games.

  39. Time to talk about wonders of hidden object games and their untapped poten..
    GOLLy JeE FeMALe ChARAcTers are WRittEN RigHT
    The hell is your focus design people? I get that feminism is awesome and all that, but can you talk about design of these before you talk about the amazing wonders of their writing?

  40. haha I am playing the app "Hidden Objects Multiplayer" with my friends 😀 so much fun because you see who is the fastest!

  41. I played one in a haunted like mansion now i cant remember the name of the game

  42. Hidden object games are not engaging. That's why nobody talks about 'em.

  43. This video desperately needs an update❗❗❗❗❗❗

    especially if you've managed to make or hear about a hidden object cyberpunkgame I need that in my life that just sounds amazing

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