Paranormal Files: Ghost Chapter (Hidden Object Game) -

Paranormal Files: Ghost Chapter (Hidden Object Game)

Gab Smolders
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  1. I go coment girl i very nice faci

  2. The most egregious thing about that "map directions" puzzle in the beginning was the fact that the destination was literally right up the road from the start point.

  3. I was wondering where I recognized you from

  4. I've gotten so addicted to these that I'm having trouble remembering sometimes if I'm in a new vod or in bonus content from the last. Man these things start to blur together after like ten or twelve XD but I can't stop!

  5. Paranormal Files: Silent Witness has just been released in March.
    Pls continue this HOG series? I just rewatched this play through and I gotsta know what happens 😮😅😂

  6. Im starting to believe AI trained itself to represent humans with these HOGs, those "balenciaga" slight head turning and way of speaking seem so similar to this particular HOG

  7. HOGS and Nancy are my favorite videos. Thanks for sharing these.

  8. I really enjoyed this one as well, but kinda left me hangin'!! I wonder if you found a part two?? I'll have to search for it!! Thanks Gab!! Off to find my next adventure!!❤❤

  9. @1:15:50 vinegar and bleach?! i hope not at the same time. vinegar and bleach = chlorine gas

  10. You can tell Zinc is a villain cuz he’s got blazer decoration

  11. I’m sorry. As soon as I saw the magic board games in the guy's notebook I practically yelled out JUMANJI in pure joy

  12. Gab I think you should play Luto it’s a good game it’s scary and I think you enjoy it

  13. I like how you keep calling Rogers the 'friend' when it's the main character's husband lol

  14. Trucido is the 'ik-vorm' (I forgot the english translation) of the verb trucidare which means to slaughter, massacre, cut to pieces or kill in a cruel way. So in continuation of the game it makes sense, but it does sound kind of funny when you say is out loud. Just imagine a few Romans arguing and yelling this to eachother.

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