Path of Sin: Greed full platinum walkthrough no commentary -

Path of Sin: Greed full platinum walkthrough no commentary

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Path of Sin Greed is a hidden object game with puzzles. This one has some challenging timed achievements/trophies so it is a bit harder to perfect than regular Artifex Mundi game. Finish a hidden object scene in 20 seconds is one of it and the other is which asking you to finish both visions in less than 40 seconds. These visions at 20:38 and 2:33:54 . If the video helped you in any way please don’t forget to subscribe, like the video and follow my steam curator where you can check the perfection time and difficulty rating of games + useful information:


  1. The puzzle at 2:14:20 … What are these called? I hate these and they show up in so many games!!

  2. Like the reference to blackadder and baldrich 😂😂😂

  3. I can’t find password to safe in the study

  4. You are the guy we all need at some moments 😂

  5. They have changed the story after last update for Ipad, unfortunately your tips don’t help if playing with iOS mobile devices.

  6. Thank you so much for posting this. I needed help. 😁

  7. I don't know why, but I can't seem to put hand sanitizer in the soap's container like what you did at 1:29 is there anyway to put it?

  8. What does it mean when they told youre run of key you ness to complete purchase to unlocked all chapters? What do I do

  9. Mənim açarlarım bitdi yeni oyun yükləyə bilmirəm necə əldə edə bilərəm?

  10. Can you do the bonus chapter of this one ?

  11. Did anyone notice the owl one the roof head bobbing in the back ground of the fire pit.

  12. Omg 5 hours take a long time but I'll watch it😁

  13. Thanks so much and i play path of sin with my big sister and grandfather😁

  14. Very nice game ..But takes up alot of energy .

  15. Amazing game thank you so much but the energy Implemented quickly The only thing I didn't like 😩

  16. thank you for uploading this but sometimes it's like you are seeing from somewhere else, some useless pauses

  17. Omg!! The person playing is frustrating me by missing vital things in plain sight.

  18. From where did you get this game? I found this game only for 60 minutes trial

  19. I just want to solve the handprint part…..

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    What I want to establish through this metaphor is that people follow the soul and not the mind because the soul commands to follow instinctive desires and the mind prevents going towards sins in all its forms, and because sins have some temporary pleasure many follow the path of Satan until he reaches Hell.
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    How do we put our heads on a silk pillow and there are those who sleep cold under the sky and emptiness?
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