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[ Path of Sin: Greed ] Hidden Object Game (Full playthrough)

Gab Smolders
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  1. Oh my gosh, YES! I love watching you play HOGS, I basically live in the playlist.

  2. Omg your the best another hidden object

  3. What a chill and cool streamer, there aren't a lot of those around

  4. There is a girl that I am in love with, and she accompanies this channel, her name is "Juliana", she is Brazilian. Juliana, if you are seeing this comment, know that I love you

  5. ❤️❤️this game is so good!!I’m happy to see you play it

  6. You should definitely do more hidden object games, there are some quite challenging

  7. "With a keen eye for detail, only one truth prevails."

  8. Haven't you noticed in HOGs that they take the most basic essential items and put them in the fanciest looking chests or jewelry boxes.

  9. -Me: Are you fan of Fatal Frame by any chance?
    -Gab: Camera CAMERA OBSCURA

  10. I always enjoying seeing you playing these kind of hidden object games. I like puzzle, and watchibg you playing hidden object is really relaxing. 😍

  11. Gab, why won't you make another NG gameplay?

  12. 7:36 the owl just headbanging in the background lol Wonder what it's listening to.

  13. Gab without a cap on??? Im shocked lol (sarcasm). Yay for another hidden puzzle stream 👍

  14. Play the sequel's to the Room, they are in Steam now..

  15. Patricia is a posh tart!. Still gutted I missed this on Twitch because I had an evening shift 🙁

  16. I love how The 2 snakes Are Baldric and Black adder, Black Adder is a great Comedy series in the UK. Shame no one knew the reference

  17. I get my glasses online too. I just go to Walmart for an exam and get my prescription and then order them. I use zenni. Mine only cost 50 with lenses and addons and shipping.

  18. OOF when you said "I haven't been able to afford new glasses yet" I felt that in the depth of my being.

  19. Zenni Optical is fantastic, from all reports. IndigoStars has been sponsored by Firmoo a couple of times, as well. And Warby Parker was the first online glasses retailer to gain notoriety.

  20. i swear one of those voices is Matt Berry! would be so funny if it was

  21. 1:04:23 to 1:04:27 honestly had me laughing. Just "oh" after unlocking the door and "yay" when it came to finding hidden objects.

  22. I love you and Sean together! But I mean I guess I don't know the whole story. Seems you and him might have been kinda together while you were still married? Is that why you got divorced? Cause you were in love with another man? I have just been watching past vids cause Sean is not putting out any new ones. I see the timeline. I'm just curious. Of course your private life is your own so it's all good. Love you both either way

  23. Gab do you get these hidden object games mostly on Steam or??

  24. Ok, I just laughed too hard, and was greatly impressed. I just saw you look at the plaque that said "Blackadder & Baldrick" and was instantly reminded of the British comedy "Blackadder"…the two names are main characters. Very funny show.

  25. Omg how long is it going to take her to use the glue on the tape?

  26. Heh. "Marc Spector" is the secret ID of the Marvel superhero "Moon Knight" (soon to be a TV show, apparently). He's basically a version of Batman with a moon theme, who gains superstrength gradually with the phases of the moon (and is regular human when there's no moon). He's also batshit insane ("Lunatic". Geddit? Geddit? Ah, well).

  27. I wouldn’t want to stick my hand in a black adders house either, even though they don’t bite too often and would rather play dead (I can relate 😂) they are venomous

  28. Just don't talk too much, it's disturbing.

  29. Mushrooms are technically not vegetables. They're vegetarian-safe, but they're fungi — not plants and not animals, but a third thing.

  30. I've been watching your older stuff. I really like the hidden item games, its great to fall asleep to, its like ASMR but gaming.

  31. Gab can you please stop yawning cause you're making me tired

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