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Project Blue Book: Hidden Mysteries (PC) – Amazing Hidden Object Games

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Search for clues and investigate real declassified UFO cases to find the truth!

It’s 1952, and the U.S. Air Force is operating a top-secret investigation: Project Blue Book. As a newly recruited agent, it’s your job to uncover the truth behind these real declassified UFO sightings.

It’s your chance to investigate flying saucers in the world’s first Unidentified Flying (Hidden) Object Game!

Game Features
🛸 Challenge your observation and deduction skills!
🛸 Experience chilling mysteries based on real declassified UFO investigations!
🛸 Solve hundreds of hidden object scenes, puzzles and minigames!
🛸 Investigate alongside Dr. J. Allen Hynek (played by Aidan Gillen from “Game Of Thrones”) and Captain Michael Quinn (played by Michael Malarkey from “The Vampire Diaries”)!

About Project Blue Book: Hidden Mysteries
Project Blue Book: Hidden Mysteries is the official hidden object adventure game based on HISTORY’s hit drama series PROJECT BLUE BOOK, created by David O’Leary, and executive produced by Academy Award and Golden Globe® winner Robert Zemeckis. The series explores the historical Top Secret investigations into UFOs conducted by the U.S. Air Force between 1952 and 1969.

Highly Rated by Players Like You!
“Great puzzles. This is a fast game that keeps the brain clicking along the whole way.” – Carl Jaynes, NYC, New York

“Very successful at connecting the items in each level to the story elements and weaving in a lot of dialog, clues and other mini games. The visuals are beautiful and it’s all cohesive so you feel like you are in that late 1940s to early 1950s era.” – Brandon Jones, San Mateo, CA

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