PROP HUNT = Most Fun I've Had in COD WW2 -

PROP HUNT = Most Fun I’ve Had in COD WW2

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Gameplay with the new weapons + Prop Hunt coming today!
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  1. 5:38 dem whistlin too close is wat got u knocked off he doubled bacc 😂😂😂😂 great spots the 🐉king chameleon should be the 🏅

  2. Your first hiding spot was so good what is his mod?

  3. Bro it’s funny how because the car is riding down the street 0:21

  4. guys where can i download this game? can i have it on Steam? i need link of this game please

  5. He didn't know he could rotate his prop to make the chair look normal🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

  6. How do you play this? I'm an idiot pls help this looks fun

  7. This guy takes 2 shoots reloads everytime

  8. How can I play this game on the PS4 as well

  9. Watching this 3 years after it was posted, prop hunt is so different now🥲 everyone has memorized the map so they immediately find you if you’re out of place. They need to switch up those maps

  10. 9:52 Dandelion Tree?! Wait what-

    9:44 well here is that so called "Dandelion Tree-"

    Idk if that's a thing-
    But it sure looks like one

    Edit: well, there IS a Dandelion Tree, but it doesn't look like dat

  11. 4 years later I miss playing this with my friends. The laughter, the joy… it was a brilliant time!

  12. small objects are harder to find you're lucky in the sandbag to get a good spot

  13. I didn't realize that watching a chair run to the Benny Hill theme would be so ass-bustingly funny…

  14. How the government feels if they change sex on social security applications lol

  15. 4 : 21
    Dude he's ryt here somewhere
    Me who saw it moving

  16. How to win prop hunt:
    Just shoot everything!

  17. He "plays WW2"Everyone
    My grandfather had fought in the war

  18. 50k for the match, keep in mind thats double xp active, so you would get 30k normally… uuuuuum, who wants to tell him?

  19. This was so fun , theres a fking gravity bug or the programmers didnt set up the weight of the item that the small prop could jump high enough to get stuck in roof area where its not visible unless if a player has to widen his eyes and look above , no one was able to find me, they were so frustrated and its so funny. They look like they memorize the map and the whole possible hiding but nah 🤣

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