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Queen’s Quest: Tower of Darkness – Hidden Object Game

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Queen Quest : Tower of Darkness a hidden object game!

This is a fairy tale that begins…at the end! You know – the part that says “…and they lived …happily ever after!”? Well, so they did – but not exactly for “ever after”! Because very soon after this somewhat mysterious prince married his beautiful princess, they learned that future dreams cannot be built to last on the sins from their long-forgotten past in a hidden object game.
Demons still lurk there, and it will take more than love, and even more than courage, to save this young family from their evil power. This young (and perhaps just a bit spoiled!) princess will quickly need to become a powerful and determined queen in order to protect her kingdom – and the ones she loves the most!
This is a fantasy hidden object game that will take you to amazing depths of what someone is able to do for love.

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  1. I plan to do a gameplay of this soon! Looks really good!

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