Restaurant Hidden Objects Game – Cleaning Games to Search for Hidden Items – Best Android Games 2019 -

Restaurant Hidden Objects Game – Cleaning Games to Search for Hidden Items – Best Android Games 2019

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Welcome to the messiest restaurants in the world! Before you choose the main course and desert, remove hidden items to make some space. Download Restaurant Hidden Objects Game – Cleaning Games for family and enjoy one of the most popular mystery finding games. If you are a fan of restaurants and cooking, kitchen cleaning and hidden clue games, you will love this fun hidden object puzzle game 2019.

🔎 More than a 1000 hidden objects in restaurant cleaning!
🔮 Missing items game translated into 15 world languages!
🔎 Restaurant game free with multiple levels and gameplays!
🔮 Zoom in/out features for mobile phones and tablets!
🔎 Fantastic relaxing music and soothing sound effects!
🔮 Addictive mini-games among hidden figures game scenes!

✨ Hidden object game levels:


Supported languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Dansk, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Português, Srpski, Suomi, Svenska, Türkçe,Русский, Український

HOW TO PLAY Restaurant Hidden Objects Game – Cleaning Games free download?

✨ Find hidden objects in the picture written on the cards below. Click on the “light bulb” button when you get stuck to use help. Find hidden figures when you are given a picture or a silhouette and search for missing items hidden in anagrams. Use a flashlight to find hidden objects in the messy kitchen. There is a special level as a time limit game, where the timer brings a dramatic moment to this Restaurant Hidden Objects Game – Cleaning Games. Play other mini games for brain that will entertain you for hours like logic games, brain teasers, memory games with cards and restaurants puzzle games.

Play the latest hidden object games for adults and best restaurant games for family!

Looking for free hidden object games 2019? Seek no more, cause here comes the best Restaurant Hidden Objects Game – Cleaning Games adventure. Do some serious house cleaning in the messy restaurant! Do the kitchen cleaning, find missing items and play the best hidden object puzzle games for girls. Be good at restaurant management and make some order in the chaos. This is one of the most addictive missing objects games free that will keep you entertained and relaxed all day. Restaurant simulation games are perfect for all generations who love cooking, food, hotel or house cleaning games and seek and find hidden object games full version free download. Make your high school restaurant story have a happy ending.

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  1. Where is the dang hook in the 'world?' Level?!?? Ther board with ther owl, the nest (that has White eggs in it), and hot air balloon. There is a sign or two hanging from chains by hooks. But if they want you to use those you can't get/ select them in any way. It won't even pop up when you use any (all) you're hints in or anywhere on that level!

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