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[ Scarlett Mysteries ] Cursed Child (Hidden Object Game, Full playthrough)

Gab Smolders
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  1. [1:23:21] she reacted to my doorbell ringing at exactly the same time 😂

  2. That was short and yes, you are an amazing puzzle solver!!,🥰🥰 Keep doin' whatcha do!! Off to find my next adventure!!

  3. 2:41:25 Different clefs. In my school's band, most of our baritones play treble clef, close enough to be considered bass instruments. However, one of our baritone players actually plays bass clef, resulting in different notes producing the same sounds. I am unsure of how accurate this example is, due to me playing bass drum, but, depending on the clef, an A note can make the same sound as a D note in another clef. However, there are some exceptions to how this works. Air-based instruments, such as baritones, saxophones, clarinets and trumpets have different types altogether for different clefs. Pianos are made roughly the same, with the same keys making the same sounds. As such, clefs are just fancy ways to list different keys when the normal clef isn't formal enough to be listed for the song, or when the normal clef isn't fancy enough for the person's taste. Please note that this stuff about pianos is just an educated guess, but the stuff for air-based instruments is at least slightly accurate. Again, I play bass drum, which is just a low-pitch thumping noise that medium-skill or medium-talent players can simulate a heartbeat on if they're bored.

  4. Watching this video in 2021 and seeing baby gabs

  5. Hi i would like to ask if how did u put yourself in the screen while playing the game? Sorry for being a bother i just wanted to know how to do that as i also want to start a youtube gaming.. i also love playing hidden /mystery games.. pls

  6. When I was a kid I use to play so many of these hidden object games i love so much but I was like 12 but still to this day at 24 I still love them and plus this is horror related hell yeah.

  7. Yeee! I love when you play these kind of games too! 🙂

  8. You have a very cute smile 😊

  9. Now this looks like a spooky fun game. I'm going to check into this.

  10. I love watching you playing HOGs because I like them and it's nice watching you having so much fun with an easy-going game – and I hate watching you playing HOGs because I want to be there and help you finding stuff and solving puzzle!

  11. Yay – was waiting for you to play another hidden object game!

  12. omgggg this reminds me of those nancy drew games

  13. I love when you play this kind of games Gab, especially because of the puzzles! (I like to play them challenge myself by "solving the mastery" and all the hidden objects 🙈). And the fact that it contains horror it's p-e-r-f-e-c-t ✨

  14. Thanks for the playthrough – after seeing you go through this game, I'm interested in trying some other games by this company myself!

  15. I'd really be interested in knowing from your experiences what are your top 5 horror titles, and are all the titles you play available in North America because I would really like to try some of these more obscure ones you seem to play. Great Channel Gab, been watching on and off for almost 2 years now. Congrats on your rapid channel growth, it wasn't that long ago you were celebrating 10K subscribers. whatever it is you got that brings us back, keep doing it because it's awesome. Hope your Hubby is doing well, haven't seen much of him lately on the channel.

  16. Iris's voice sounds kinda lik tara strong's voices well the twilight sparkle's voice tho

  17. I love these games. Haven't played one in forever. Not since Machinarium.

  18. A chaplet is a half cloak that just goes around the shoulders.

  19. Hey Gab, have you ever played Nightmare Adventures: The Witch’s Prison ? It is kind of similar to this game, point and click style puzzler with a dash of horror, I think you'd like it 🙂

  20. This game has a Crimson Peak feel to it. I love this game ❤️

  21. Hey Gab! Offhand, I'm not sure if this is the latest hidden object vid you've posted, but it's the one I'm in the middle of watching it and I just wanted to say I really enjoy these! They're super long, but it's always fun seeing the cheese and seeing these usually weird stories unfold, not to mention trying to find everything on the screen! Anyway, thanks for posting these, they're really enjoyable to go through! I also really enjoyed 13th skull (such amazing cheese there) and the one with Ghost Patrol in it (which seems to be Shadow Lake?). They've been a lot of fun to go through! 😀

  22. I ❤️ this game are there any historical/period games similar to this?

  23. 1:05:53 What the heck game? Why is the sound for the bass clef higher than the sound for the treble clef?
    * serious facepalming*

  24. 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  25. i thought hidden object games are just like given a screen with a ton of crap find stuff listed, but after seeing u play a few of these im realizing modern day hidden object games are kinda like western style puzzle visual novels ala 999/pw kinda games…intriguing, im now interested in this genre. thank you!

  26. i have this game on my phone too but will be playing it soon

  27. Who does the lead voice over for this game? It sounds a lot like Famke Jennssen

  28. When she tries "everything" but the one item it actually is! That frustrates me so much!

  29. I just want to yank the controls from her so much. Like she spends more time staring at the screen and clicking to rooms and dialogue she doesnt need to go to!

  30. I was in photography and the puzzle where all the chemicals were just thrown down the drain made me cringe… That would cause so many plumbing issues uggggg

  31. We startin back up on the Gabbo HOG pilgrimage.
    This video comment? I saw Grumps play this before you and now I have their goofy voices in my head while I watch you play it. xD

  32. I realize that i am abit late to the party, but i absolutely adore your videos. You are the first "let's player" i have found who shares the same love for these hidden object games as i do.

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