Secret City 1: London Calling Full Game Walkthrough - ElenaBionGames -

Secret City 1: London Calling Full Game Walkthrough – ElenaBionGames

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Secret City 1: London Calling Full Game Walkthrough – Let’s Play ElenaBionGames
— Welcome to London in easy mysterious seek and find hidden objects games for free! But it’s not the London you used to know. Here you need to seek and find hidden objects! The magical glasses from object-finding games show you that just beneath the surface of a well-known capital of Great Britain lies a mysterious world of magicians, giants, dwarves, a world full of finding object games. You have been called in by your Lakrian friend Sakir to the Secret City beneath London’s surface to solve different find objects quests and investigate these strange murders that threaten to break the centuries-old peace between the races of Lakrians, Dwarves, and blue-skinned giants Yotuns. Go on a trip of free hidden object adventures to explore these unique and dangerous worlds as you track down the mysterious killer playing this thrilling brainteaser, and one of the best mystery hidden object games – Secret City: London Calling Collector’s Edition!

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00:00:00 Chapter 1
00:30:00 Chapter 2
01:00:00 Chapter 3
01:30:00 Chapter 4
02:00:00 Chapter 5
02:30:00 Chapter 6
03:00:00 Chapter 7
03:30:00 Chapter 8
04:00:00 Chapter 9
04:30:00 Chapter 10


  1. Thank you for sharing your video with us. 🤗

  2. Yes! Thanks for sharing. 😊 Could you recomend any other free games that are close or similar to Lost Lands? I've played and completed all Darkness & Flame, New York Mysteries & The Legacy. I'm struggling to find other good ones that are similar?

  3. 4:01:31 You really skipped that game??? You know you didn't finish the game now right?

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