Secret Passages of the Hidden City – Best Hidden Objects Game for Android 2019 -

Secret Passages of the Hidden City – Best Hidden Objects Game for Android 2019

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Search for the lost city and walk down the dark passages under the ground and find the hidden treasure. Start the secret quest – this is an expedition you cannot miss. You have to be the best explorer – read the maps, find the gold and become wealthy. Download “Secret Passages of the Hidden City” hidden object games full version free and experience the unforgettable adventure.

Secret Passages of the Hidden City features:

Fabulous game design with amazing gameplay!
Fantastic music and sound effects during the play!
Innumerable hidden objects you need to find!
Play in your language or learn a new one!
Zoom in/out feature for phones and tablets!

Be a part of a mystery story and explore the unknown land – find the clues and hidden objects to reveal the mystery that haunts people for centuries. Train your concentration with this amazing brain teaser – download “Secret Passages of the Hidden City” – missing objects game free. This is the best search and find game for adults that can keep you relaxed and entertained for hours.

Visit secret temple and find the treasure in the underground passages!

Find hidden objects in the secret passages of the lost city and get an unforgettable experience. Play one of the best escape games – search and find hidden items that will help you pass the level and leave. Listen to the legends of these spooky places and explore the city of lost souls. Supported languages of your favorite game Secret Passages of the Hidden City: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Dansk, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Português, Srpski, Suomi, Svenska, Türkçe, Український, Русский.

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