Seek & Find Children's Games: Suzy's Smile Hidden Objects Game For Kids -

Seek & Find Children’s Games: Suzy’s Smile Hidden Objects Game For Kids

Storytime Pup
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Seek & Find Children’s Games: Suzy’s Smile Hidden Objects Game For Kids

In this children’s video, children get to help Storytime Pup find hidden objects in this picture from the children’s book Suzy’s Smile – Suzy Dogfish Gets Braces.

An exercise that is both fun and educational.

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Storytime Pup is a children’s book channel that is both fun and educational. Kids love to follow along as Storytime Pup reads some of the top Children’s books by many great and award winning authors.
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Thank you to Dami Nata for artwork:


The Storytime Pup Channel has received written permission from the artist/illustrator to present their art on this channel.

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  1. Such a fantastic video. Thanks for the love you put into it! Looking forward to seeing more 😀 😀

  2. Fantastic job, Storytime Pup! Thank you for taking me to the aquarium today!

  3. Parents and caregivers, let us know your child's experience with this exercise. We would also like to mention their name during Magic Glasses. Just leave their names here.

  4. My kids really enjoyed this video. Great job with diverse content.

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