Shadow wolf mysteries 6- curse of wolfhill-hidden object game(beta) -

Shadow wolf mysteries 6- curse of wolfhill-hidden object game(beta)

Cristi Nicola
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New hidden object beta from ERS & BFG.
Save your cousin Neil Miller and his newborn daughter from the druid of Wolfhill in Shadow Wolf Mysteries 6: Curse of Wolfhill PC Game!
When Neil’s daughter was born, druid said she’s cursed and must be given to him for celebration rite. Neil refused to do so and called your father for help. Your papa has taken you away from Wolfhill when you were born, right after your mother’s demise. All your life he was training you to restrain your werewolf curse and now you can use this skill for good!

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  1. You're a true talent! Your video is top-tier. Super liked #224 😀✌🏾💯😀✌🏾💯😀✌🏾💯😀✌🏾💯

  2. Awesome gameplay and cool storyline! Like 223

  3. Bravo, bravo! Your video is truly outstanding. Super liked #222 😀✌🏾💯😀✌🏾💯😀✌🏾💯😀✌🏾💯

  4. hey i want to know wich software did you use for record ?

  5. what game recorder did you use to record this game?

  6. I can't download the game with your link
    Please help

  7. Great job as usual Cristi. Love the channel.

  8. Cristi Nicola u r alive!!!
    I thought u were dead.

  9. This looks good. Great video. 👍

  10. Hidden object games are fun, Like 94 =)

  11. This seems like a fun game to play. I find hidden object games to be relaxing and helps to calm me down if i feel stressed.

  12. este juego esta muy interesante y divertido

  13. This was in my recommendations so had to come smaaash that like button for ya !! Love the voice of the narrator here, thrilling!

  14. Hidden object games are the best. FULL VIEW AS ALWAYS xD We hope it helps!

  15. Another good upload here Cristi! Like like

  16. 🎮ᝰ🔌
    🏵 Thank you for the best video from start to finish 💯✨❇️✨🎀👍🏻❤️

  17. 😍 Thank you for the perfect video from start to finish 💯💎💍✨👍🏻❤️

  18. Soothing Nature & Funny SurpriseToys says:

    Great video my friend!☺ Thank you!🙏👍198

  19. hmmm puzzly , nicely played Cristi big like 😊👍

  20. Awesome Sauce!! Left a big like!!👍 # 210

  21. I love your gameplay video, Cristi 💖.

  22. Awesome Shadow Wolf video Cristi. Thanks for sharing

  23. Very interesting game my friend Cristi👍👍

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