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Spirit Legends 2: Solar Eclipse FULL Game Walkthrough Let’s Play – ElenaBionGames

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Spirit Legends 2: Solar Eclipse FULL Game Walkthrough Free To Play Let’s Play – ElenaBionGames — In seek and find hidden objects games for free your fellow monster hunter Pascal has suddenly gone missing while playing search and find games. Now it is your duty to find him and find hidden objects in these finding object games! The Order of the Monster Hunters sends you to your first mission, but you quickly realize that this is no ordinary hunt and rescue assignment. Dangerous trolls and creatures are wandering the countryside at dusk, bent on kidnapping the innocent humans to find a Monster Hunter and covering the lands in the eternal night in new hidden object games! The Lord of the Trolls Jorlis is obsessed with vengeance upon the spirit of the moon and the sun Velikor for his wife Santula who tragically died in the first rays of the sun. With the help of your wife Evelyn and your trusted Bestiary, can you solve all the hidden object games, tame wild animals, and stop the trolls before they reach Velikor’s Sanctuary which lies beyond a dark and enchanted forest, full of monsters and evil spirits and destroy Jorlis? Will you succeed and stop the eternal solar eclipse which Jorlis desires so much? Find out in this exhilarating search and find games – Spirit Legends: Solar Eclipse Collector’s Edition!

Here is the game with different puzzles 🌼



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00:00:00 Chapter 1
00:30:00 Chapter 2
01:00:00 Chapter 3
01:30:00 Chapter 4
02:00:00 Chapter 5
02:30:00 Chapter 6
03:00:00 Chapter 7


  1. I'm in the piano, almost crying for hours 😢😢 any hint?

  2. Hi. I am a bit confused with the story. What happened to Evelyn at the end?? Did she die or Velicor revived her?

  3. I had run out of WiFi mid-view.
    Luckily it's been fixed.
    I really liked your video.

  4. Wow my dear you have already played it. I downloaded it yesterday

  5. In this game my piono puzzle is different why? I have lot of key in that piono

  6. Hi your puzzle is different to mine the bird coin flip with only 2 moves I can't do the square you did because 2 coins are in a different pposition

  7. Hello everyone I to have similar problem with the piano keys they Are different then the game I'm playing, 37:52 time in Walk through.. any suggestions please.

  8. Hi elena help hellllllllp
    Cant start the game….

  9. Hi seems some puzzles are not the same as yours. I am at the eagle and trying to flip to make all buttons blue. Your patterns are different to mine. I still don’t understand just what to do. Do you connect start to finish. Any hints we’d be appreciated. Thanks

  10. Hi me again.I am up to chapter 4 .1 hour 39 minutes. Trying to get the real of pink cotton. You got it out of the tangled ropes attached to a board under water. However I was able to get the board with tangled rope but was unable to get the real of pink cotton. Any hint?……. I gave up and deleted the app. I restarted the game and this time the pink real of cotton was on the board.

  11. Lol still doing this game. Lol . Up to 2hours 37 mins with the pirate tokens. Your puzzle is 10 slots but mine is 13. So not the same. Any hints please. Got it finally.

  12. I have different puzzles also. Tried the other link… Still different. First time I have ever come across this.

  13. Bad Medicine -GoGetEmm Paranormal-UnderTaker says:

    Always doing the easy puzzles, which makes it harder for those of us playing on mobile apps, and don't get a choice. We have to play the hard puzzles. You used to do the hard ones.

  14. I don't get why they have different versions of the puzzles. This one doesn't even match the one on my phone version for this game. The set up is different so the puzzle is going to be solved differently. This makes no sense to me at all. How is anyone supposed to get the puzzle solved on their game if they aren't even set up the same compared to this one?

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