Story of Alice – Lost in Wonderland – The Best Hidden Objects Game free for Android 2019 -

Story of Alice – Lost in Wonderland – The Best Hidden Objects Game free for Android 2019

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Read one of the most fabulous stories ever and find the objects hidden in Wonderland! Help Alicia, a granddaughter of famous Alice to overcome all the obstacles and escape from the fantasy world. This is a fantastic sequel of the popular story that will leave you speechless. “Story of Alice – Lost in Wonderland” is a visual novel game, an interactive story where you choose your path and play one of the best seek and find games for brain and concentration at the same time.

Completely unique story!
Choose your own path!
Find hidden objects!
Play other mini games!

Supported languages: English, Español, Русский, Srpski, Deutsch, Français, Português

It is your choice how you will end the story! Love story choice games are perfect for lazy afternoons, but this story about the Alice in Wonderland is nothing to compare with. Its unique gameplay makes it one of the most addictive games with hidden objects. Experience a spectacular adventure, which follows the completely new and unique story about the granddaughter of Alice, Alicia in the world of fantasy. Play the best new game 2019 “Story of Alice – Lost in Wonderland” and be a part of the parallel universe where everything is possible.

Zoom in/out feature for both mobile phones and tablet devices!

Join Alice in her journey through Wonderland! Meet the Queen of Hearts and many other different characters on your quest. Every scene of “Story of Alice – Lost in Wonderland”, a brand new hidden object fairy tale game free is carefully made for all the people who love this mystery story games and puzzle hidden objects. Start your journey through the magic land and have fun all day. Search and find hidden objects to pass the levels and escape from Wonderland. It is on you to choose how this story will end. So, concentrate and enjoy!

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