Strange Investigations: Becoming (Hidden Object Game) -

Strange Investigations: Becoming (Hidden Object Game)

Gab Smolders
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  1. The playthrough was awesome but sorry Gabs, BB stole the show 😸❤

  2. Hey I was wondering if you had considered playing Meridian 157?

  3. I love watching these videos so much ! ❤️😍

  4. Gab you should finish playing the game visage! i’m too scared to play the final two chapters and really enjoyed your play through of the first two!

  5. Me staring at the bee intensely shaking its ass in bottom right corner.

  6. "so he left the house only to come back into the house" gotta love hidden object games only they could pull something off like this

  7. Hi Im christopher , I like jesus and figuring everything out <3

  8. 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  9. I love to watch hidden objects but jts bother me so much that you start to collect collectibles and often forget about them. My ADHD brain goes wild and loses interest in something ai love to watch lol. If I had been in the chat I have yelled so much there the puzzle piece where 😂🙈

  10. Since you have a knack for hidden object games, you might like the Dark Parables games.

    It’s on big fish games, and the games themselves are fairy tale “retelling” where you play a detective, with more action to the tales.
    The plots and art are beautiful and the games are slightly linked together with mentions to previous cases and characters reappearing.
    Now the first two are called “the Curse of Briar Rose” and “The Exiled Prince”, but the games are a little older quality. But I personally started with the third game “Rise of the Snow Queen” and it didn’t affect my understanding of the plot.

  11. My kitty gets those little tubes too she gets one everyday at 5 which is when it dogs get their treats

  12. Yeah another hog. Always looking out for these games from you Gab

  13. I remember the Xanth book series being pretty good, if you cant display magic by your coming of age you are banished to the land of no magic. First book is "A Spell for Chameleon"

  14. I was so sad when BB left and so happy when he came back haha

  15. Strange investigations? More like dilf investigations!

    All jokes aside, this was a gun lil game and easy to watch! The puzzles were surprisingly well made, it was nice to wind down from work with this

  16. Ahhh I use to play Big fish games with my sister all the time, her and I bought the Briar rose game so that we could finish it. Totatlly worth the money. I would recommend that one, please play more, these are so good.

  17. My favorite part about these games is the 'why is that happening' reaction when you complete a puzzle and the game just does something completely different from what you'd expect, like 23:42

  18. Definitely think Gab should check out the Enigmatis HOG series. One of my favorites that I’ve played. There’s 3 games total. Another series that was always cool is the Snarkbuster series. I forget how many games they made but I think it was probably a Big Fish Game or something. The stories have steampunk themes and you play as a person hunting this mysterious creature. I always had a blast playing them as a kid.

  19. Thanks BB, you won me a Bingo with your magnificent cameo. I got Game Crashes, Bad Voice Acting, BB Cam, Indication of Missing Collectibles, and Fight With Matching Symbols! Seriously tho, thank you Evelien. I'm having a rough go of it because my beloved cocker spaniel Dante died yesterday. My father bought him for me when my mom died and I found out I couldn't have children in the same year and that pup saved my life so I'm devastated at the loss of him. Watching your videos are so relaxing and make me smile when I badly need it so thank you.

  20. can you pls play a puppet show game,the series (of games) i think is amazing and i strongly believe that you are gonna have a blast playing throught one

  21. 1:57:50
    Denzel Freeman? Is a developer (or maybe 2 devs) a fan of Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman? Cause I'm all for it!

  22. That poor spider did nothing wrong! i_i

  23. First time playing bingo for me! I got all, but 5 squares filled. Only 3 bingos though. Pretty fun! Highly recommend playing along!

  24. The squirrel sounds in the second case sounds like the rabbits from Don't Starve.

  25. -gets head piece
    “we’re getting ahead in the game now”

  26. I highly recommend the Dark Arcana hogs, my personal favorite was The Carnival. Very spooky

  27. Riding in a dumbwaiter after just seeing the skeleton of a guy who died of suffocation in a small space is a no from me.

  28. I liked how Gab was wondering if something happened to Ursula after all, clicks on the photo after and just doesn't see the mc saying "I'm sorry Ursula, I was too late." xD comedic timing

  29. i like that she saws through the fence thats right next to the front gate she doesnt want to enter through

  30. These are comfort videos for me, and since I have to get kidney surgery soon I know I’m gonna be watching all of these! Thanks for making this type of content, Gab!

  31. The highlight of the whole video was bebe, he stole the whole show! So precious so sweet!

  32. Her interactive actually did make a couple Nancy Drew HOGs! They're the Nancy Drew Dossier ones

  33. HOGs are so funny bc everyone and their businesses are messy. They just left a wrench on top of movie theater posters and junk inside of the newspaper stand and a broken cane in the catch part of a popcorn machine. THEY BOLTED HALF OF THE ENTRANCE KEY ONTO ONE OF THE MOVIE ADS!

  34. With that opening to the bonus game I thought it was going to be "Strange Investigations: Marketing"

  35. there are only two things you can find in corn fields, and it's either aliens or murderes and that's fact.

  36. The editing during her finding stuff in the picnic basket was so smooth, I didnt notice there had been any editing at all to be honest until all the sudden the three items left in the basket were magically found

  37. Just so you know bees don't want to sting you. Wasps and hornets are jerks and want to sting you. If a bee stings you you must of had your hand in the nest.

  38. Since I'm watching this playlist backwards it so cool to see how this sorry connected and continues and find it's origins. Still loving the animations and ridiculous hog life

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