THE SECRETS OF THE STONEHENGE - Game Review - Hidden Objects - Labirinths of World - Stonehenge -

THE SECRETS OF THE STONEHENGE – Game Review – Hidden Objects – Labirinths of World – Stonehenge

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Hidden Objects – World’s Labyrinths: Stonehenge is a new and very exciting Android 2019 game.

World’s Labyrinths: Stonehenge is an exciting quest with the search of different hidden objects. This game is quite fascinating story, beautiful hand-drawn graphics and nice music. If you like to search for items, complete quests, solve puzzles, then you have found what you need.
And what I really liked was the fact that here you can adjust the difficulty of the game by yourself – highlighting the active areas, charging times for tips and so on.
But the cherry on the cake is next: if you can’t solve the puzzle, you can switch to mode three in a row and easily go through it.
But, of course, there is also a fly in the ointment – the game is a demo version, so you have to buy it to unlock all the levels and tasks.

The very plot of the game takes us to England – we have to solve the riddle of ancient Stonehenge, which suddenly turned into a portal into another dimension – a kind of parallel worlds inhabited by Druids and Vikings, with its unusual and mysterious world and its inhabitants.
So now you have to go through a series of puzzles, riddles of logic and deduction, interesting games and searches for objects to solve the mystery of the Druids and Vikings in order to save our world from destruction! All hope is only on you!

What does Stonehenge hide in him, what riddles and logic tasks he has prepared for you?
During this game, the search for objects will become an integral part of your quest.

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