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[ The X-Files: Deep State ] Hidden Object Game – Case 1/2

Gab Smolders
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  1. Saludos desde Panamá, me gustan mucho tus vídeos.

  2. why do you not have more subs ugh this is pissing me off~

  3. That's the great thing about hidden object games. You can play them with one hand.
    -GG Gab, 2018

  4. I choosed to kill Henry becouse you know few died more will live.

  5. How did I not see thisvideo until now??
    its 10.30 pm…that will do 😀

  6. My only gripe is that it is an energy-based game. I always felt iffy about those, but I'm forgiving it a little since it's X-Files.

    But dammit, an X-Files video game would be so good right now.

  7. супер девченка

  8. Malone? Post Malone?

    Mobsters 1,000,000 how does that sound

  9. i love that he is called Dr.death as mori is from latins mortum/mort (which comes from other words aswell i think…….) anyway long translation short it comes down to death as the translation :D, definetly who you want when you go in for a doctors visit….

  10. So not funny. I find your swearing really offensive.

  11. Awesome review, GG Gab! But the game seems like a clone for Criminal Case!!! Gosh, those copy-n-paste games… How much better is Coastal Hill: Hidden objects game. Did you play it? Really worth it and I still can't find any walkthroughs for it:(

  12. this is now my new favorite hidden object game! I always knew Criminal Case lacks something

  13. spoiler

    in case 1 if you let Dillahunt go, Jane Doe will tell Brady to stay then kill him by twisting his neck 180degree. Lmao.

  14. If you like this you will probably like ghost whisperer the game

  15. I live in desert hot springs California it would be cool to get to meet you but i cant drive.

  16. This reminds me of the Criminal Case games on Face book.

  17. "He put the dog on fire!" Instant arrest

  18. Great video, thank you! 👽👏🏼😁

  19. 🌟 Your nose.

    And I heard your friends say that you got the Corona-virus.

  20. gab mentions a pandemic and i'm watching this now during a real one lol

  21. Me: has a firm belief that her partner has been replaced by the doppelganger and is steadily collecting proof whilst muttering at the screen
    "I don't fucking buy that the doppel ran around the corner and the partner was so conveniently there! Could use a drink but doesn't drink, the doppel suspect is in AA though…doppel has shakespeare posters and suddenly the partner is commenting on shakespeare…"
    Gab: I'm beginning to like him more –
    Me: panicked flailing NO! NO NO NO! DON'T FALL FOR IT, GAB!!
    DoppelDale: Let's split up.
    Minutes later: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  22. watching this in 2020 like: hmm a pandemic T^T

  23. Watching this in 2020 and talking about not letting someone out of the country else it'll become a pandemic….

  24. Love watching Gab play hidden object games, hate that “mean Black woman” trope the game weaseled in 😔

  25. The way you named "Energies" as "Electricity points thingies" just killed me LOL

  26. 41:19 – Okay, that's weird! That guy has my same name, and he looks kinda like me!

    I'm not a cop, though. And I'm a little older.

  27. Did anyone else notice she clicked on the Pay Actual Money To Unlock This Box multiple times, then says it won’t unlock?? Then suddenly the game brings up multiple odd messages throughout about stars and failing to add stuff.. n then her energy shot up to over 5000? Is there a chance All those clicks actually charged her real money and added the “top secret” box items/energy per click? Cos at $26.99 Each Time and the dozens of clicks… that’s a lot of wasted money! 😔

  28. The entirety of the world are way too comfortable with the term "Epidemic" as of 2020

  29. oops this video is old but want a new X Files game, been rewatching the show lately lol

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