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[ The X-Files: Deep State ] Hidden Object Game – Case 1/2

Gab Smolders
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  1. Loved this one!! I am a true believer that we are not the only beings in the universe!! Love that you change your characters clothes throughout the game!! Great video Gab!! ❤❤ Off to find my next adventure!!!

  2. at least I get to watch her play since this game isn't available in my country.

  3. omg the random bouts of purring that we can hear as BB turns toward the mic is my faaavorite <3

  4. Since I don't speak Dutch, on the phone call I thought she said, "Nicki Minaj? Nicki Minaj. Ok! That sucks!"

  5. They shut this game DOWN lol For no real reason. And i bet that was no accident lol

  6. I always miss every hidden object game live but they're my faves 😭

  7. The x files I haven't seen that show in so long I didn't even know they had a game like this whoa😳.

  8. I love you videos Gab especially hidden object games. Keep up the good work ^-^/

  9. Where the hell is agent Skully? My fav EP is the one with the tattoo that's possessing people and Skully bangs that guy, that one EP got me through puberty.

  10. Gab Winter looks like one of the soldiers in Rainbow Six: Siege.

  11. Wasn't this going to be just 1 long long video? (ノ≧ڡ≦)
    Thank you for uploading tho, I was able to watch the first stream, but not the other(s) X~X…

    PS: Duuude, you really are fast finding the stuff~
    PSS: You probably already know, but the 3rd episode of Sally Face is out.

  12. Holy smokes, did no one notice that the person driving Davey away is the Cigarette Smoking Man?

  13. Every time your cat meows I think I think its my cat. lol

  14. Did you ever play the X-Files game on PSone? It's a 4 disc, point and click with live action footage. It's pretty dope.

  15. "Yeah, I'll decide whether or not to shoot you, but first I need to zip back to your apartment to find a pair of fuzzy dice."

  16. I think as a kid I watched all the Xfiles episodes. Well it was the Shizznit at the time. I'm 37. I forgot if Mulder found out what happened with his sister. Been like over 20yrs!

  17. Nothing better on a sunday morning than a nice cup of tea and Gab playing my fav kind of games, hidden objects!
    YAY! Let the chill begin! <3

  18. Good video long time since I seen The X Files lol. Thanks Gab for playing the game didn't even know they had a game.

  19. Case 3: I can say that if u shot (at least we piss off the jerky Jane doe agent oddly was with secret service first) malone people including dr. Mori will be dead from virus but ur partner dale still survives and rests but stubbornly leaves medical leave lol in case 3 and from looks of starting case 4 u will be forced to see a psychologist regarding shooting choice before partner dale intervenes with new case (thanks for save from appointment lol could be different for u) #foilgovernmentconspiraciesbestucanthatarecruealwhiletryingtohelp I am also a believer but I think I'll be xenocentric when the scores come up in cases eventually. I chose choice because Malone didn't want to be experiment and I complied with request

  20. Case 1: if u arrested dad the suspicious guy takes Davey away anyway in child protective services instead of cop driver (government conspiracy indicator seeming to want secure Davey as asset,) I chose choice to at least give his life a chance ruined by jail

  21. Case 2: if u chose not to help the cop to help guy escape u would get in big trouble (yay pissed off Jane doe face and nothing new on getting in trouble lol)and to cover up incident Jane doe would snap the cop's neck u didn't defend to cover it up as the death would be concealed seeming to indicate Jane doe isn't human in similar killing style to the cleaners earlier in case. I chose case because "dilahunt" is a victim of conspiracy he may be a key person to take conspiracy down

  22. Also my world view score is 10 max on believer

  23. the PSX collector Martin melamed psx says:

    The quality of your channel is amazing it's a shame you don't have more subs but I subs to you! Girl gamer you awesome!!

  24. Glad to see you playing this! I was beginning to give up hope of ever seeing a YouTuber I enjoy watching play it.

  25. I can't wait to try this. I saw an add for it yesterday. Great score Gab!

  26. I'm not very fond of these kinds of games, BUT this looks different from the ones I've played before. Might give it a try.

  27. You should have way more subs. I am preparing to binge watch all your videos. <3

  28. I'll admit, the monster in the first case startled me.

  29. Garret does seem like a dick.

    First impression.

    Garret: Cheer up rookie

    it's a crime scene not a funeral.

    A bit insensitive.

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