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TIME GUARDIANS HIDDEN OBJECTS – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 iOS / Android

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Embark on an epic story-driven hidden object game, set in the stunning beauty of London during Victorian times. Find hidden clues in mysterious locations, solve exciting puzzles, and clear up the most audacious theft in the history of mankind in this thrilling hidden object game!

An unknown force has stolen the Time Machine from its protectors – The Order of Time Guardians. Your journey begins as an elite agent of the Order, with what seems like a straightforward task – uncover the hidden force behind the theft of the Time Machine. But little did you imagine that history itself could be turned upside down in your quest for justice. The Egyptian pyramids, the Roman Colosseum, and other historic locations appear out of nowhere. King Richard, Michelangelo and many other historic characters start to roam the streets of London. With a cast of interesting characters, you will discover and experience a fabulous tale unlike any other. The Order of Time Guardians takes you inside an enchanting, mysterious world, filled with hidden object scenes for you to explore. Can you overcome the obstacles, and solve the sophisticated puzzles and minigames, to discover the secret? Join The Order of Time Guardians and find out!

This addicting hidden object game features:

– Set in beautiful Victorian era London

– Intriguing characters from different historic eras

– Various hidden object locations from different time periods

– Creative puzzles and mini-games to enjoy

– 700 mysterious quests to solve

– Hundreds of achievements and collectible items

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  3. Ik ben bezig met spel,maar ik kan niet verder Je ziet alleen een begin maar daar kan je niet vanaf.

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