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Time Trap – Hidden Objects Game

CrispApp Studio
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Solve the mystery of the post-apocalyptic world and find out why a journalist was found missing. Perhaps it’s the work of the avengers…
The game is truly free and the whole adventure is open to you without
any required purchases – it’s entirely up to you to buy optional tools.
Each object you’ll find could be a hint.
Dive into the world of fantasy!

Adventure will take you on a journey through empty corridors of an abandoned city in a search for the missing person. Come and rescue him from oblivion. Inspect all corners of the fantastic city: every street, every office, every corridor.
Unique atmosphere and sci-fi storyline, ambient music and realistic graphics will make your trip to the quarantined zone an unforgettable experience.


The downloads for all platforms are available at our site – !


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  1. I just remember this game have android version

  2. So much nostalgia thank you so much for not deleting this 🥹

  3. nice i have a youtube channel too if you want go and check it

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