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Top 10 Hidden Object Games for PC

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Hello Gamers, Most of us have not heard of this genre but they are actually one of the oldest game genres in the world that has a small, niche group of fans. The best hidden object games are, characteristically, rather hard to find without help, unless you are on big fish games. i tried my best of finding the best hidden object games for you. Whether you’re new to hidden object games or you’re already an expert sleuth, these games will challenge and entertain you for sure. so without wasting any time, let’s get started!

Games List:
Dark Arcana: The Carnival
Hidden Folks
The Room Series
Dreadful Tales: The Space Between
True Fear: Forsaken Souls
Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood
Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride
Lost Lands: The Golden Curse
Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart

Used Gameplay/Footage:Games List:
Lost Lands: The Golden Curse:
Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart:
Dark Arcana: The Carnival:
Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride:
Hidden Folks:
The Room Series: – –
Dreadful Tales: The Space Between:
True Fear: Forsaken Souls:
Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood:


Disclaimer: None of the gameplay/footage belongs to me. every maker of the gameplay/footage is credited in the video and linked in the description. if you still have any problem, please contact me, i will remove the video. Thanks!

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  1. all Lost Land games are amazing! Love them

  2. another great one is silent night the pianist

  3. Mystery Case Files games are great!!!Especially Dire Grove, Escape from Ravenhearst, 13th Skull, Shadow Lake, Fate's Carnival, Dire Grove Sacred Grove, Key to Ravenhearst, Ravenhearst Unlocked, Broken Hour, Black Veil and Black Crown. These are the best HOPA games to play from the MCF.

  4. If anyone know this game:The story of young man looking for his uncle red car, the man has long nose and maybe he wear red classics hat.The style is cartoonic and it's full of joy and colorful backgrounds, some placese are scary too, there's differents portal leads to differents worlds.I'll be thankful.

  5. I finished a Hidden Object Game as a kid without even knowing its title. The only thing I remember is that there was a headless horseman with a hood I think.I'm trying to find it but I still don't have any clues sadly. Does anyone know by any chance?

  6. Does anyone remember a hidden object game where you can enter a painting on the wall that lets you enter the painting world and every one has its puzzle?

  7. hello, does anyone know an HOG game where it features a prominent character that is a frozen woman with an apple? the apple aspect is very symbolic and significant in that game. Played it around 2014 and would love to revisit it!

  8. Maybe someone here will know the name of the old game I used to play.It was (i don’t remember properly ) but maybe a big fish game Where you find items,like old electric guitar and lotts of other items and after finishing that level.Repairing that guitar colouring it and suffs

  9. Anyone remember that one hidden object game where the intro was a person in black sitting in a chair and then theres a mirror with skulls around it that turns into a flower. If anyone remembers that game then please tell me Edit: it was a mobile game from what I remember. Not sure if its ios or android

  10. I tried plenty of HOG adventures. But.. problem is that total majority come from Russian developers and playing maps often contains bugs. The incorrect language location is one of smaller. But mostly items in the scenes are not interactive for click and must be activated by hint button (in better case) or sometimes are missing. Hint shows empty place sometimes, where is nothing You can grab. Of course, mostly are available various patterns for actual scene , so You can play again from the start and You beat another one what is working. Although if You are very far in the progress, it can upset You. In another case they are lazy to give time for instructions for less common mini games and You can't find, what to do. The same like incorrect names. If I full hour try to find a rose (flower) and hint circle locates "mask" , I would to murder.. (I gues it's bc of machine translation from Russian to English). Last week I played "LOST IN TIME" and I was stopped at the room with items what I found, but couldn't to grab.. Neither one. So I tried hint, but even hint didn't work.. So… png file was included, but script was not created (or file head was corrupted). And even if developers are notified, they are not able to fix it… Shame.

  11. What the name the hiding objects game that have villain with brown mask

  12. I'm trying to find a haunted Mansion hidden objects game where in the lobby(?) There was this couch and stairway with a gargoyle type statue next to it, and in one of the rooms you finished a train puzzle to unlock a door that took you to an actual train. I can't find anything for it at all lol

  13. Hidden Folks and Hidden Through Time are the best ones..

  14. I remember Mysterious case: lighthouse mystery very nostalgic

  15. Does anyone know a game where one of the levels is just a fountain or a pond surrounded by leaves and you find items in the water and the surroundings?

  16. Does anyone remember a hidden object / puzzle game where you travel to other world through paintings (or framed pictures, not sure which it is anymore). I remember a level with a forest/by a riverside and a level with a medicine man.. It was also a multiple part series which where released on a cd. It was a point and click game where you go could through different rooms and i remember being on a staircase with stars hanging from the ceiling or something like that?…

  17. Okay, this is weird. I’m showing my previous comment was 6 hours ago. The one before that was 6 days ago, and the one just before that was 6 months ago. 😐

  18. Does anyone remember a hidden object game where like the final boss was an old man that was a demon? I think the second to last mission was to cure a man.

  19. You named several of my favorites, as well. I believe my obsession began with Grim Tales. I played The Room 2 on my phone and recently bought the entire series for my computer on Steam. Here are some others that I really enjoy, although some are not "hidden object," but point and click adventures:
    Nancy Drew – these aren't for wimps. They don't normally have a hint button or a guide, and you have to really think or dig on the net for some answers. I like The Crystal Skull and The Ghost of Thornton Hall for the atmosphere. I have the latest, Midnight in Salem, but I haven't tried it yet since I'm trying to finish other series first.
    Mystery Case Files – Return to Ravenhearst and The 13th Skull are my favorites. They are known for complex puzzles and some bizarre, if not disturbing, characters.
    Dark Parables – Very ornate spins on fairy tales. The Exiled Prince was my favorite, but I recommend that you play in order since the characters are often connected.
    Living Legends – Another spin on fairy tales with lovely artwork.
    Christmas Stories – Compared to the other games, these will seem more childlike, but the music and tales are wonderful for Christmas. And TALKING CATS!
    For even older games, there's Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward, a moody HP Lovecraft tale, and Rhiannon: The Curse of the Four Branches, which has so much Welsh mythology in it. Although the art is a bit archaic, it's a great game. 🙂

  20. Enigmatis 2 is awesome! Just completed it yesterday. ❤️

  21. I used to play a game in 2009/10. I don't remember the name. All I can remember is it was an Egypt or Romanian theme like there were ancient signs, pyramids, statues… There were puzzles, sudoku, candles, flipping the pipe for water flow task, making salts. Everyday after coming back from school, I used to play it… I tried searching but nothing… It sucks.

  22. Hey can anyone else remember a hidden object game that can change the settings? Like I remember one of the last levels were in Britain and there was even a level where we find the Queens dogs. Idk please help

  23. The game I was looking doesn't seem to be here either. Anyone knows what game this is? It is also a hidden object games but there are several Monters in the game. The first mission was to look for a werewolf then cure that werewolf after that you get an item from that werewolf. Then the only other mission I remember is one where you need to fix some totems. But at the end of the mission you need to use every item you get from the missions to solve the last puzzle whee you are fighting a ghost/demon.

  24. What is the game called where you find compass as hint in the train station i remember playing it and now i forgot the name because im 12 also i used to play when i wasa kid with my sister and i ask my dad to help me if i struggle solving

  25. Personally I remember Playing one of those and it had an island with a lighthouse, you could go there by a small boat and there was a giant ship sunk on the shore, if anyone knows what it's called pls reply

  26. does anyone know the name to the game where a ritual happens, and you find hidden objects mostly in abandoned places and there are ghosts involved?

  27. I used to play Hidden Objects games when I was 3-10 years old, sure many of them was too scary, but I passed a 3 of the games I have! Well, I am BACK in the Hidden Objects Genre! After finding out there is a whole series of Phantasmat, and realizing I did not understand most of the dialogue back then because, ya know, I'm a child back then… So I declare that I WILL PLAY THEM ALL! The entire series! One. By. ONE!

  28. Can someone tell about a game where you have to feed bread to a skeleton to obtain a clue..Please help.😖

  29. Bro do u know a hidden object finding game in which it had a mouse cursor which had a whole or a dot in it And the names of the objects were given below and if u don't find it then we had a machine like thing in the right side of the screen where we use to get the shape of that object which we wanted to find If anyone knows this game please please tell me

  30. hi please remind me of the name of that mystery hidden object game about a skeleton with certain position that unlock door … i playes it in 2012 it reminds me of my childhood please help me

  31. The game I was looking for, I was playing it from 2011 to 2014 and then I forgot about it. The icon of the game from the outside was a green circle with a graphic similar to the letter V Do you know its name?

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  35. Bro pls
    Battle for middle earth-2
    The Rise of the witch King game for PC

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    4gb ram
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  37. Lost Lands: The Golden Curse

    Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart

    Dark Arcana: The Carnival

    Dreadful Tales: The Space Between

    True Fear: Forsaken Souls

    Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood

    Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride


    Hidden Folks

    The Room Series

  38. Does anyone remember the hidden object game where its first stage ro find scroll only scroll and and theres also a stage where you have to find all apple only apples

  39. Hi anyone remember this detective hidden object game? I don't quite enough remember but here's the detail…
    1. It was a murderous detective game
    2. I remember that we have to catch all flies in the restaurant
    3. There was a sewer mini game (you have to setup the sewer until the green water came out)
    4. I was trap in the room with toxic gas and then i must break the window
    5. So the victim i remember is woman in alley, grandma or grandpa or maybe both in bed…

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