top 10 hidden object games of 2011 -

top 10 hidden object games of 2011

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Best hidden object games of 2011

1 phantasmat

2 dark parables: the exiled prince

3 shiver: vanishing hitchhiker

4 love chronicles: the sword and the rose

5 macabre mysteries: curse of the nightingale

6 enigmatis: ghosts of maple creek

7 mystery legends: beauty and the beast

8 mystery case files: escape from ravenhearst

9 sacra terra: angelic night

10 oddly enough: pied piper

Best non hidden object games of 2011:

1 batman arkham city

2 a new beginning

3 the next big thing

4 book of unwritten tales

5 gemini rue

6 the Blackwell deception

7 back to the future

8 broken sword 1&2 (remastered)

9 the silver lining

10 the witcher 2

Honourable mention: trine 2

Best hidden object games 2010 (requested by cookieofdoom)

1 dark parables: curse of briar rose

2 midnight mysteries: curse of the opera

3 deadtime stories

4 penny dreadfuls Sweeny Todd

5 a gypsy’s tale: tower of secrets

6 special enquiry detail: the hand that feeds

7 mystery case files: 13th skull

8 the clockwork man 2

9 mystery legends: phantom of the opera

10 women’s murder club: little black lies

Best non hidden object games 2010

1 gray matter

2 the whispered world

3 art of murder 2: hunt for the puppeteer

4 monkey island 2: lechuck’s revenge

5 kaptain brawe

6 puzzlebots

7 sally’s studio

8 2 tasty

9 puzzle quest 2

10 the island castaway


  1. why i can't download the full version????????

  2. 0:28 Kinda shocked to know that it really is , I just watched a bit of gameplay and it is quite creepy .

  3. Played Sacra Terra… quite good… steps to rid each demon were uneven…seemed to wrap up quickly but the graphics are good & just the right amount of HO and games. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. people said is the no.1 HOG games is MCF Series in the world??

  5. Good vid you like the type of stuff I do. I will deff try your suggestions 🙂

  6. phantasmat is the best game i love it because of the music and the beautiful story

  7. awesome vid bro but top 10s go from 10 to 1 not 1 to 10

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