Top 5 Hidden Object Games of 2012 So Far | June 2012 -

Top 5 Hidden Object Games of 2012 So Far | June 2012

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Hailey and Marisha count down the top 5 hottest casual games of 2012 so far. Download all these games at or click below.

Spirits of Mystery: Song of the Phoenix
House of 1000 Doors: The Palm of Zoroaster
Agency of Anomalies: Cinderstone Orphanage
Living Legends: Ice Rose
Mystery Trackers: Black Isle

Producers: Hailey Bright and Jason Johnson
Writer: Tracy Jerry
Hosts: Hailey Bright and Marisha Ray


  1. Hmmm.. I will have to play some of these. Nice job, ladies!

  2. haven't played any of those games yet but fun video!

  3. I love Marisha ^^, freaking hot and knows about games and comics, what can more perfect than that?

  4. Hey if you two dont mind can u please try to make a video of the top 10 hidden object of 2012? thxx 🙂

  5. I discovered hidden object games about a year and a half ago, through a work colleague, and I absolutely love them! I just can't get enough of the mysteries and puzzles… I actually gave up reading because of them, lol. Not sure if it's ok, but I enjoy them more than reading now 😀

  6. thumbs up if you clicked on this because of the icon

  7. The graphics in these games are impressive.

  8. What company made that ? Big fish ?

  9. thank you i knowed for house of 1000 buz Mystery Trackers: Black Isle i i i dont have commen i now downloading

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