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Top 5 Hidden Object Games!

Fatima ZahraYT
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The hidden objects games that are readily available to the public under the tip of their finger is an outstanding means to question the mind as well as to keep you active for a long time. Check your ability to find the objects by being very quick and observe each of the objects that are present in the scene.The hidden objects games allow you to create a new sense of spirit and make you think beyond your own personal imagination. Are you excited to know more about the hidden objects games? Let’s check out the top 5 best-hidden objects games in the video!


  1. does anyone know about hidden object game like we are in old city and we can find strange object like eyeball? and there is some bonus/mini stage that we should find 1 object in in several quantities?? (i think our character is female)ohh sorry for my bad english

  2. the game i looking for is not in the video, but finally i founded anyway the name of the game is mystery case files: prime suspect

  3. Please make a video on hidden object like barn yarn pc game plz plz plz plz reply video

  4. I'm trying to find a game like these, it's horror and there is medusa, sorry but this is all i remember, anyone know the name of this game?

  5. Does anybody know the name of the game…it had a girl as a protagonist along with her teddy toy and a boy sometimes….they find the mystery behind their parents…one kf them ks police ig…and in the end, the car explodes…

  6. Anyone know what i looking find, thr style game is find object hidden, the game have many type like fuzzel, find object, and the bonus is find gem red and blue, the background game i still remember is angkor wat

  7. This is the 31th vid that I watch today but I didn't still find the game In my memories it was a old one hidden object used to be played 2000s or 90s

  8. Maybe someone here will know the name of the old game I used to play.It was (i don’t remember properly ) but maybe a big fish game Where you find items,like old electric guitar and lotts of other items and after finishing that level.Repairing that guitar colouring it and suffs

  9. I was looking for a game its a hidding object game in a white house And you have to feet a dog to get a hint and the last level there was a dor made of gold and crystal circles you need to match the sound anyone remember?

  10. Does anyone remember the ipad one when the main character inherits the haunted mansion and his relative was lile a murderer or something

  11. I was looking for game that you didn't talk about it in this video, it's called Big City adventure

  12. Maybe someone here will be able to answer.I once played a weird game, I think it was a hidden object, where we, a main character, were exploring some sort of barren.I've got unclear memories of the game. I can only say some of the images remember:- I was sort of a ghost.- There were sort of military barracks. Perhaps those I was exploring.- Two tastk: one is to turn on a radio, for some reason, second was to kill some mice in a minigame.- A cutscene where I was sqeezing throught a very small vent. As small as normal person can't fit there. Inside the vent there was a skull.- There was a woman, whose body I've never seen because she was always having a shawer. I only heard her voice.I didn't complete the game though.Please help. The game makes me horribly curious and I want to find it again, but I don't remember its name nor the icon.(The game exists. My dad remembers it too, but not much.)

  13. someone tell me what's the title of the game where the logo is smtg like a pot and you need to find objects/ingredients needed for something then after you find all the objects you'll start making smtg in a pot then that's it ig … im so desperate in remembering it's title i wanna play it AAAAAAAA

  14. I forgot the game name of the hidden game that i used to play when i was a child, but all i remember was the hexagon you need to arrange it and unlock a map (i think) and theres was a mode dark where you find things with a light

  15. For those looking for good moible games. Check out the Enigmatis series and the Grim legends series.

  16. The game I am looking for, I was playing it from 2011 to 2014 and then I forgot about it. The icon of the game from the outside was a green circle with a graphic similar to the letter V Do you know its name?

  17. I thought criminal case is in this list

  18. ******Honestly, ultimately, literally…that's the list of the worst HidObj games. Boring, very low level of visual graphics and….did i mentioned boring? Actually, i shouldn't go so hard on you because obviously you probably don't know any better.
    Look, you must try the Hidden Objects games by ELEPHANT, BIG FISH or DOMINI. They're the best in creating HO games! The graphics are beyond amazing, the suspense story is absolutely fascinating, not to mention the mini-games&puzzles inside the main game – they're super pleasant and curious to solve. Well, a true adventure really.
    You should try them, dear #FatimaZahraYT, you mustn't afraid of trying new great things!
    *You can begin with ''DARKNESS AND FLAME 1: BORN OF FIRE''. That my recommendation to you, it's your choice to have a try.
    And, if something, please accept my apologies if i express my opinion too harshly. I just can't sit quietly when i witness someone loosing their time and taste with a simple sugar candy when he can have a piece of the Finest, Royal-quality, Belgium Chocolate Bar. D'You feel me? ;))

  19. I'm looking for an old French PC game, just like those on the video
    -_-" can u help me

  20. Please consider putting Coastal Hill, Legends of Eldritchwood and Jack's Case on the list. Those are good and can be played offline.

  21. I wanna find the game that lets you investigate the house, or that's how far I remember it… I forgot it and it's still vivid in my mind.. I just want to play it again😓

  22. im finding a game that i played on my moms laptop it was years ago i remember there was a level in a mansion and there was a level on a pool and i think theres a level where there was a black hole like thing i just remembered it last night im desperate of finding it can anyone tell me what the name is?

  23. fact:you didn't find the game your looking for

  24. There was a game that have a moon logo anyone know the game name?

  25. My 5 favorite's are

    1). Mystery case files dire Grove
    2). Mystery murders Jack the ripper.
    3). Mystery case files return to ravenhearst.
    4). Noir chronicles city of crime
    5). Man with the ivory Cain.

  26. Looking for a similiar game that Ubisoft created where the female protagonist and her colleague got stranded in a desert and they have to find hidden objects to reach their final destination anyone knows that game?

  27. Im looking for a game like these i played in 2011-2012 in my uncle's laptop, it has a teddy bear/voodoo doll or somethinggg. i forgot it's name. Does somebody know it's name?

  28. the one i was looking for was the thumnail what was the name of that can you tall me

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