TOP 7 Horror Hidden Object Games - Free To Try - Scarry Hide and Seek Quests - 2018 -

TOP 7 Horror Hidden Object Games – Free To Try – Scarry Hide and Seek Quests – 2018

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0:00 1. Bonfire Stories: The Faceless Gravedigger –
0:34 2. Puppet Show: Bloody Rosie –
01:08 3. The Emptiness –
01:50 4. Fear For Sale: The Curse of Whitefall –
02:26 5. True Fear: Forsaken Souls-
03:34 6. Maze: Subject 360 –
04:22 7. Fright – Free Try –

TOP 7 Horror Hidden Object Games – Free To Try – Scarry Hide and Seek Quests – 2018


  1. Theres a few of these "spooky hidden object games" I'm looking for that I played as a child. Some are obsucre but one I know details on it that you were a detective in lousisana or something similar so if anyone knows this game or its name please comment it to me!

  2. #6 on the list is the scariest hidden object game ever .

  3. I am looking for a game that I played while I was a kid, that I think is from Big Fish Games.It's a find the object game. At the start you are in a submarine and you encounter a huge fish. After a while (I don't remember much) you end up in a cave where you build a jetpack or something. You go up into the air and end up in someone's abandoned home.There is a switch you've got to turn but it is electrified because there is dripping water above the switch.
    That's all I remember. Anyone got any ideas of what this game might be?

  4. LOVED the FIRST Bonfire story one, then feel it started going downhill after that

  5. MAZE 360 …. REALLY was……………. A"MAZ"ING!!

  6. Before I Watched The Video: It's going to be a lame video

    After Watching It: THE FIRST ONE IS THE BEST!

  7. Can someone please tell me the name of this game
    I remember a level where you need to find items and connect cables and stuff to open a gate and after that you see a mansion with some gargoyles please reply

  8. I am also looking for a game were your in an area in midevil times were they drink a liquor named black mamba it's also an hidden object game. But I don't seem to remember it I was like 10 yrs old at the time. I think I stuck at the lvl were i after ive escape a car that was about to fall off an cliff

    Btw srry my grammer

  9. I'm looking for a hidden object game about some werewolf hotel or something and you go to a castle where the werewolf is and he starts to go after you so to escape him you have to jump off the castle into water below. I'm sorry for not describing well, it was such a long time ago.

    There is another game, I think it was about fairies or something, and there were a lot of plants in the game? I just can't remember these games I'm sorry

  10. hello, im looking for this game its also find the object where the victim died of murder and she left her diary (color pink) where you need to know what's written on it by using i think charcoal and she has this chinese friend. that's all what I can remember pls help me 🙁

  11. Im looking for a gane that in the beginning your hand gets hurt by grabbing a ticket and is on a park or a circus i cant remember

  12. The Maze: Subject 360 along with the rest of the other games of the Maze game series is great.

  13. I'm looking for a Hidden Object Game. There was first a red car circa from the 60's and then basically you would enter a portal and end up in a room with wooden figures like Pinoccio. After that you would go through another portal and enter an amusement parc. Honestly these are only vague memories but Ive been searching for it for hours. It has a mix of Steampunk and Time Travel vibes. I just cant find it! Any ideas? 🙁

  14. I'm looking for this one game I played as a kid. It's also a hidden object horror game. The game's background is usually green. From what I remember, there are a few missions. The first one is a woman with cucumber face mask on her face. She's a ghost. I don't really remember the other ones but some of them include a chef that's cooking chicken, and fishing.
    Oh, and one of them is basically a mission where you have to play the correct notes with glasses.

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  16. OMG! I have played Bonfire stories faceless gravedigger it is totally a great play! You guys must try it 🙂 I love these kind of horror bigfish games!

  17. I looking for a game that i played when i was a kid , a game where you in hotel on christmas day and everyone turned into wooden puppet by a king mouse

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