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True Reporter: Free Hidden Object Game (Android iOS)

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True Reporter: Free Hidden Object Game by Nikita Online. (Android/iOS)


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True Reporter is a unique & free detective game in the “hidden object” genre from NIKITA ONLINE!

The main features are:

– The well-thought-out detective plot includes not only the story of the main character but also a set of side quests, tasks and investigations, some of which can unexpectedly be connected with the main case!
– The original mechanic of the search for hidden pictures and innovative play modes only for true connoisseurs of the “hidden object” genre . They catch fancy of both beginners and experienced players!
– More than 40 realistic urban locations, true-life, sometimes tragic stories of local residents and unique, vivid characters create an atmosphere of real city life in a bustling metropolis!
– The game recreates all the realistic elements of the true investigation journalism: detective, evidence, expertise, street gangs, informants, conspiracies and even treachery!
– Strong competitive spirit and tough competition. Rivalry with friends and acquaintances will only fire up the interest and desire to prove who is the strongest here!
– No limitations and a load of additional features: brain busters, puzzles, collections and new mini games! Dynamic gameplay will not let you get bored, even if you suddenly come to a deadlock with the investigation!

Search for hidden objects in True Reporter is not a boring end in itself, but only one way to immerse oneself into the incredible, thoughtful, tightly-plotted story that affects any, even the most sophisticated imagination! Adventures, new free levels with dozens of hidden objects, free daily bonuses, competitions with friends – find it all here!

You’ll like this game if:
– you usually play games in the “hidden object” genre
– you like detective stories, play detective games or watch series & films
– investigations, secrets and intrigues excite you
– you love search for hidden objects and pictures and tiny little details and clues, collect different items and get bonuses

The game is available not only for tablets and phones based on iOS and Android but also for users of Facebook and many other social networks. Progress is saved on all devices; therefore, you can investigate the crime anywhere, anyhow, and any time you want! What if you happen to stumble upon an unexpected piece of evidence?

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