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Unity 5 C# – How to Make a Hidden Object Game – Part 2

Design and Deploy
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  1. This is a very old video so you might not reply. But I have a very weird bug going on. I set it up exactly the same way you did in the last two videos. However whenever I play it, no matter how big the size of the box collider or no matter how many times I click, if I click on the gem the first time, it doesn't register, the clicks register (because I get FAIL! after 5 clicks) but a successful click is not registered. Its the same with the spaceship. But the weird part is that if I just click on one of the two remaining objects (which works correctly), the gem and the spaceship start working too. I have no idea what's wrong.

  2. Insteat to add second Transform component for the position you can just type objectNameText.transform.position

  3. I am loving your videos! I am learning so much. Thank you.

  4. Instantiate(successClick, objectNameText.transform.position, successClick.transform.rotation);

  5. Thank you for the lesson.. as a beginner I've learned a lot from you.. ❤

  6. DUDE! Thank you so much or explanations that are simple and easy to understand, i am always watching stuff that is heavily optimized by coders who are WAAAY beyond my understanding using functions that mean nothing to me cuz ima a beginnner. this feels like it was actually written for a beginner to understand! THANK YOU SO MUCH:D

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