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Unity 5 – How to Make a Hidden Object Game – Part 1

Design and Deploy
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Here are the assets used in this project :


  1. dont expecting an answer from you directly as i know you´re busy but maybe someone else can explain why in variable it si GameObject with Cap G and in the function when it says Destroy (gameObject) isnt this the same GameObject ?

  2. Is there a way to deal with a count down on "object txt"? Like, Find 3 balls, 2, and 1 ball. Since they are all balls and am only changing the number the "OTxt" won't work, since I do not know which ball the player will choose when. Am really starting to get this working, just little hang ups like this slows me down. I like the way you explain C#. I'm hoping to catch on eventually. Thanks for your time and classes.Aloha

  3. Thank you so much!! I've been searching for a very long time for a tutorial on HOGs and this one is just amazing! Your voice is so clear and the way you explain everything is beyond amazing and this is very important because english is not my mother tongue. Thanks again and keep up the great work!!

  4. Can I make it in 3d also,following same method?

  5. Sir,in dual touch control,the turn/look touch control isn't working at all.Moreover the dual touch control is not finely understandable.Can you please upload a video regarding this!That will be very helpful.

  6. Hello. This is great tuttorial! But, is it posible to have more items that can be randomly generated on screen every time i enter on level?

  7. Thankyou Sir,for your kind concern.In cross platform input asset folder there is one dual touch control prefab which doesn't work properly.

  8. what is the size of your camera?

  9. This is such an amazing tutorial series, thank you! I study Game Design at college, so it did help me indeed

  10. great tutorial, using your scripts for my environmental game, is it possible if you show how to add a swipe function (would like to make it as a clean environment by swiping) to destroy a game object too?

  11. Hello sir! , i have a question. Is the way you making hidden object game on unity fit all types of display sizes? i am totally new at unity. and just wondering if this method works fine at any screen size. sorry for my english 😀

  12. hi! i just wanna know if it can be use in android? I don't see the text mesh in a game screen. thanks!

  13. Two questions: 1) can you show where you got the assets, and 2) are the GameObjects (dorm, blue bed, potion, etc…) simple images (.jpg, .png, etc…), or are they planes onto which you've attached the images as textures? Thanks for posting this series, I'm addicted to "hog" (hidden object games), and now I have an idea of how to start making my own!

  14. Is it automatically adjusting its size if i use it in android?

  15. Hi there, Great tutorial!..will this game work on an iphone as well?

  16. sir what is the code when an object is destroyed with sound i.e ' gem '
    please help

  17. also make a tutorial on sound in this game
    for example background music, objects destroy , level completed etc

  18. Hello! I'm starting a hidden object game for a school project and this really help me a lot!! (I'm a noob in unity, fyi) Definitely will check more of your videos. Thanks so much man!

  19. if the games finish and the player win or loose. how to make page or popup message on win or loose through your tutorial hidden object games?

  20. It looks different in my project. I don´t have small grey icon with white triangle next to my assets but a blue plus sign instead. I can´t drag and drop the asset to hierarchy panel. What is problem here? I am complete beginner so sorry if this is stupid. Any advice would be very helpful. Thank you.

  21. Hi. I'm studying Unity, and started your tutorial series on hog. I can't get anything to actually drag-and-drop from the Unity assets folder to the hierarchy. I've tried creating a new GameObject and dragging the asset over it, but it doesn't take, either. I can't place any objects in the scene. Any help would be most appreciated.

  22. This is exactly what I have been looking for! I will be watching all the other videos in this series to learn more so I can create my own HOG. Thank you for your tutorial. You explained and taught things perfectly!

  23. Unbelievable – a game in six lines of code! Excellent stuff!

  24. cant add script bcause script class cannot be found

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