WTF Detective is a highly immersive hidden object game! -

WTF Detective is a highly immersive hidden object game!

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Solve hidden crimes as an FBI secret agent in this fun hidden object mystery game.
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This detective story started when you mistaking received a tablet of an FBI agent. Just like in this CSI, once you are in, you can’t get out. As you find yourself involved in a secret investigation of hidden crimes, you quickly learn to collect evidence and interview suspects. Supervised by a high-ranked police officer and a caustic expert with supernatural abilities, you will solve one criminal case after another and upgrade your i-spy skills.

Features of this free HOPA game:
★ Immersive whodunit with a tint of humor
★ Photorealistic hidden object scenes
★ Jigsaw puzzles and match 3 minigames
★ Crisp HOS with distinctive hidden items
★ A quirky cast of characters
★ Trendy high-tech style of UI
★ Fun game to play offline and online
★ Cute pets that assist your finding efforts

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